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3 1833 02562 1308 

(Gc 977.202 F77fif 1907 
First Presbyterian Church 

(Fort Wayne » Ind. ) 
Year book of the first 




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f far Maak 


®1|^ Jtrst OIl|urrJ| 

3ovt Hagnf. SInJi. 


April, lanr. 

Allen County Public Library 

900 Webster Street 

PC Box 2270 ^^^. 

FortWayne, IN 45801-2270 




©rgantzeJi Sulij 1. 1H31. 

Rbjveriend Jamb;s Chutb, ------ 1831-1835 

Reverend ]:)aniei, Jones, (^Supply) - - 1835-1836 

Reverend Jesse Hoover, (Supply) - - 1836-1837 

Reverend Ai^exander T. Rankin, - - 1837-1843 

Reverend W. C. Anderson, D. D., (Supply) 1843-1844 

Reverend H. S. Dickson, D. D., - - - 1845-1847 

Reverend J. G. Riheldaffer, (Supply) - 1848-1851 

Reverend Jonathan Edwards, D. D., - 1851-1855 

Reverend John Marshali. Lowrie, D. D., 1856-1867 

Reverend Thomas H. Skinner, D. D., - 1868-1871 

Reverend David W. MoFE AT, D. D.,* - 1872-1906 

Reverend Henry B. Master, - - - - 1906- 

* Pastor Emeritus, 

QIIjp Ifftrat Ollrurrlj 

Is open daily throughout the 
year, from nine in the morn- 
ing until five in the evening, 
for the use of those who 
may care to visit it for pur- 
poses of private devotion. . . 

(Hamt ttt, anil xtaU nnh prag I 

^axtmoth bg Jl|? pastor. 

In an effort to sum up what has been ac- 
complished during this past year the heart is 
filled with feelings of profound thankfulness. 
There has been a notable improvement along 
many lines. First of all our congregations have 
increased and this is particularly true of the 
afternoon service. Two hundred and fifty prob- 
ably represents the average number and this is 
a vast improvement over anything we were able 
to attain when the service was held in the even- 
ing. The result seems to have justified the 
wisdom of the Session authorizing the change. 
Again the special services held during the week 
immediately preceding Easter were unusually 
well attended and brought a blessing and an in- 
spiration to many of our members. The new sys- 
tem of collecting money for benevolent purposes 
has had its trial and has been shown to be an 
unqualified success. Our contributions as a 
whole have increased very nearly four hundred 
per cent. What this has meant to us may be 
seen from the fact that while a year ago we gave 

to the Board of Ministerial Relief $60.00, this 
last year we were enabled to increase our gifts 
to $600.00. We hope the time may come — it is 
the ideal at which we aim — when every member 
of the First Church will have a part in this 
method of giving to the I^ord; that is, regularly 
and systematically, by means of the weekly 

Thanks to the careful and conscientious 
labours of the Trustees the whole Church has 
been redecorated and repaired at an expense of 
something over $9,000.00. It would be today 
what it was when first erected, an ornament to 
any city in the land. 

The Sunday School has been carried on in 
the face of very great difficulties — the chief 
one being the lack of teachers — and I desire to 
express my feeling of personal gratitude to Mr. 
E. Ralph Yarnelle, the retiring Superintendent, 
for his faithfulness and the results achieved. 

All the organizations among the women of 
the Church are well supported and have proven 
this year, as in the past, a great power for good 
and most eflScient in the accomplishment of the 
Lord's Work. 

The Men's Club has greatly increased its 
service, has rendered valuable assistance along 


many lines, and 'gives promise of still greater 
usefulness in the future. 

The Prayer Meeting is perhaps the weak 
spot in our work and the Pastor begs most ear- 
nestly that the people will lay this Meeting upon 
their hearts and consciences and support it more 
faithfully and loyally. 

In conclusion it is worthy of mention with 
deep gratitude that during the past year, sixty- 
three were added to our membership, twenty- 
five upon Confession of their Faith, and thirty- 
eight by Letter of Dismission. "Not unto us, oh 
lyord, not unto us, but unto Thy Name, give 
the glory." 

Henry B. Master, Pastor. 

mijat Wi TMwbt, 

A Smf i»tatf mpttt af ti|? IS^tfttrmth 3Fattl|- Aa 

Prpsbgtman (Eljurrli an& Ahnpteh 
m ilag. 1302. 


We believe in the everliving God, who is a Spirit 
and the Father of our spirit ; infinite, eternal, and un- 
changeable in His being and perfections ; the Lord Al- 
mighty, most just in all his ways, most glorious in holi- 
ness, unsearchable in wisdom and plenteous in mercy, 
full of love and compassion, and abundant in goodness 
and truth. We worship Him, Father, Son and Holy 
Spirit, three persons in one God-head, one in substance 
and equal in power and glory. 


We believe that God is revealed in nature, in his- 
tory, and in the heart of man; that He has made gracious 
and clearer revelations of Himself to men of God who 
spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit ; and that 
Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, is the brightness of 
the Father's glory and the express image of His person. 


We gratefully receive the Holy Scriptures, given by in- 
spiration to be the faithful record of God's gracious rev- 
elations and the sure witness to Christ, as the Word of 
God, the only infallible rule of faith and life. 


We believe that the eternal, wise, holy and loving 
purpose of God embraces all events, so that while the 
freedom of man is not taken away, nor is God the author 
of sin, yet in His providence He makes all things work 
together in the fulfillment of His sovereign design and 
the manifestation of His glory ; wherefore, humbly ac- 
knowledging the mystery of this truth, we trust in His 
protecting care and set our hearts to do His will. 

We believe that God is the Creator, upholder, and 
governor of all things ; that He is above all His works 
and in them all ; and that He made man in His own im- 
age, meet for fellowship with Him, free and able to 
choose between good and evil, and forever responsible to 
his Maker and Lord. 

We believe that our first parents, being tempted, 
chose evil, and so fell away from God and came under 
the power of sin, the penalty of which is eternal death; 
and we confess that by reason of this disobedience, we 
and all men are born with a sinful nature, that we have 
broken God's law and that no man can be saved but by 
His grace. 

We believe that God out of His great love for the 
world, has given His only begotten Son to be the Saviour 
of sinners and in the Gospel freely offers His all-suflSc- 

lent salvation to all men. And we praise Him for the 
unspeakable grace wherein He has provided a way of 
eternal life for all mankind. 


We believe that God, from the beginning, in His 
own good pleasure, gave to His Son a people, an innum- 
erable multitude, chosen in Christ unto holiness, ser- 
vice, and salvation ; we believe that all who come to 
years of discretion can receive this salvation only 
through faith and repentance; and we believe that all 
who die in infancy, and all others given by the Father 
to the Son who are beyond the reach of the outward 
means of grace, are regenerated and saved by Christ 
through the Spirit, who works when and where and how 
He pleases. 


We believe in and confess the Lord Jesus Christ, the 
only Mediator between God and man, who being the 
Eternal Son of God, for us men and for our salvation 
became truly man, being conceived by the Holy Ghost, 
and born of the Virgin Mary, without sin ; unto us He 
has revealed the Father, by his Word and Spirit making 
known the perfect will of God; for us he fulfilled all 
righteousness and satisfied eternal justice, offering Him- 
self a perfect sacrifice upon the cross to take away the 
sin of the world ; for us He rose from the dead and as- 
cended into Heaven, where He ever intercedes for us ; 
in our hearts, joined to Him by faith, He abides for- 
ever as the indwelling Christ ; over us and over all for 
us. He rules ; wherefore, unto Him we render love, 
obedience, and adoration as our Prophet, Priest and King 



We believe that God pardons our sins and accepts 
us as righteous solely on the ground of the perfect 
obedience and sacrifice of Christ received by faith alone, 
and that this saving faith is alwaj'S accompanied by re- 
pentance, wherein we confess and forsake our sins with 
full purpose of, and endeavor after, a new obedience to 


We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver 
of Life, who moves everywhere upon the hearts of men, 
to restrain them from evil and to incite them unto good, 
and whom the Father is ever willing to give unto all 
who ask Him. We believe that He has spoken by Holy 
men of God in making known His truth to men for their 
salvation; that, through our exalted Saviour, He was 
sent forth in power to convict the world of sin, to en- 
lighten men's minds in the knowledge of Christ and 
to persuade and enable them to obey the call of the 
Gospel ; and that He abides with the Church, dwelling 
in every believer as the spirit of truth, of holiness, and 
of comfort. 


We believe that the Holy Spirit only is the author 
and source of the new birth; we rejoice in this new life, 
wherein He is given unto us as the seal of sonship in 
Christ, and keeps loving fellowship with us, helps us in 
our infirmities, purges us from our faults, and ever con- 
tinues His transforming work in us until we are per- 
fected in the likeness of Christ, in the glory of the life 
to come. 



We believe that in the life to come the spirits of the 
just, at death made free from sin, enjoy immediate com- 
munion with God and the vision of His glory; and we 
confidently look for the general resurrection in the last 
day, when the bodies of those who sleep in Christ shall 
be fashioned in the likeness of the glorious body of their 
Lord, with whom they shall live and reign forever. 

We believe that the law of God revealed in the Ten 
Commandments, and more clearly disclosed in the words 
of Christ, is forever established in truth and equity, so 
that no human work shall abide except it be built on 
this foundation. We believe that God requires of every 
man to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly 
with his God; and that only through this harmony with 
the will of God shall be fulfilled that brotherhood of 
man wherein the kingdom of God is to be made manifest. 


We believe in the Holy Catholic Church, of which 
Christ is the only Head. We believe that the Church 
Invisible consists of all the redeemed, and that the 
Church Visible embraces all who profess the true re- 
ligion, together with their children. We receive to our 
communion all who confess and obey Christ as their di- 
vine Ivord and Saviour, and we hold fellowship with all 
believers in Him. 

We receive the sacraments of Baptism and the 
Lord's Supper, alone divinely established and commit- 
ted to the Church, together with the Word, as means of 
grace, made effectual onl}' by the Holy Spirit, and 
always to be used by Christians with prayer and praise 

to God. 


We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will come 
again in glorious majesty to judge the world and to 
make a final separation between the righteous and the 
wicked. The wicked shall receive the eternal award of 
their sins, and the Lord will manifest the glory of His 
mercy in the salvation of His people and their entrance 
upon the full enjoyment of eternal life. 


We believe that it is our duty, as servants and 
friends of Christ, to do good unto all men, to maintain 
the public and private worship of God, to hallow the 
Lord's Day, to preserve the sanctity of the family, to 
uphold the just authority of the State, and so to live in 
all honesty, purity and charity, that our lives shall tes- 
tify of Christ. We joyfully receive the word of Christ, 
bidding His people go into all the world and make dis- 
ciples of all nations, and declare unto them that God 
was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, and 
that He will have all men to be saved and to come to a 
knowledge of the truth. We confidently trust that by 
His power and grace, all His enemies and ours shall be 
finally overcome, and the kingdoms of this world shall 
be made the kingdom of our God and of His Christ. In 
this faith we abide; in this service we labor; and in this 
hope we pray. 

Even so, come. Lord Jesus. 


A (Unpa of tijp Original Art 3nrnrp0rattng tl|p 

Section 1 . Be it enacted by the General 
Assembly of the State of Indiana, That Samuel 
Hanna, Allan Hamilton, John E. Hill, John 
Cochrane, and Charles E. Sturgiss, and their 
successors in office, are hereby constituted a 
body politic and corporate, and shall be known 
by the name and style of the "Trustees of the 
First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne," 
and by said corporate name, may sue and be 
sued, plead and be impleaded in any court of 
this State, and by that name have perpetual suc- 
cession, and they shall in law, in said cor- 
porate name, be capable of purchasing and 
holding, bargaining and selling property, either 
real or personal for the use of said Church, 
whether by real or equitable title, not to exceed 
in value twenty thousand dollars. 

Sec. 2. They shall further be empowered 
to receive all and singular any subscriptions, 
gifts, grants, donations, and bequests, designed 
for the benefit of said Church, which shall be 
held, and solely applied, to the use and benefit 

of said Church, in the manner which said trus- 
tees shall deem most judicious and expedient. 

Sec, 3. It shall be lawful for such trustees 
to hold meetings, at such places and at such 
times, and as often as it may suit them, or as 
their business may require it, to sit on adjourn- 
ments on the call of the proper officer, or one of 
their body, and to elect or appoint such officers, 
and establish such rules or by-laws for their gov- 
ernment as they, or a majority of them may see 
fit; provided however, that such rules or by-laws 
shall not be incompatible with the constitution 
or laws of this State, or of the United States. 

Sec. 4. It shall be lawful for the contrib- 
uting members of said church and congregation, 
to perpetuate this board of trustees, by annual 
appointment, or in any way they may think 
proper, and also to fill vacancies which may in 
any way occur, and the trustees at any time 
chosen shall hold their office for one year, and 
until their successors are appointed; they shall 
also keep a record of their proceedings which 
shall be open to the inspection of all persons 
concerned . 

Sec. 5. The acts and doings of the former 
trustees of said Presbyterian Church are hereby 
held valid in law to all intents and purposes, in 


the same manner as they would have been had 
they fully complied with the statute in such 
cases made and provided, and all property now 
held by said church, either by legal or equitable 
title, or designed for the benefit thereof, whether 
acquired by purchase, subscription or gift, be- 
quest or donation, is hereby vested in the board 
of trustees herein created, and their successors, 
for the benefit of said church, the same as tho' 
said property had been acquired under the pro- 
visions of this act. 

Sec. 6. This (act) to take effect from 
and after its passage, and shall be subject to 
amendment or repeal by the lyCgislature at any 

Thos. J. HknlEy 

Speaker of the House of Reps. 

Thomas D. Wai.pole; 

President pro tern, of the Senate. 

Approved January 25, 1843, 

Sam Bigger. 



Public Worship. — Sundays at 11:00 A. M. and 4:00 

P. M. 
Sunday School and Biblb Class.— 9:45 A. M. 
Sacrament of thb Lord's Suppbr. — Second Sundays 

of January, April, July and October. 
Baptism of Children.— At such services as may be 

Mid-week Prayer Meeting. — Wednesday at7:30 P. M. 

and also on Friday preceding Communion. 

Annual Meeting of the Church. — First Wednesday 
evening in April. 

Annual Meeting of the Corporation.— Second Wed- 
nesday evening in April. 

The Men's Club. — The second Tuesday of each month, 
except the months of June, July, August and Sep- 
tember, at 8 o'clock. 

The Missionary Tea. — The first Friday of each month 
from September to March inclusive. 

The Women's Missionary Society — The second Fri- 
day of every month, at 3:00 o'clock. 

The "Social Afternoon" Society. — The third Fri- 
day of each month from October to May inclusive, 
2:30 to 5 oclock. 

The Young Ladies' Society — Every other Wednesday 
of each month from October to May, at 2:30 o'clock. 


(El|0 Pastor. 

The Pastor will be in his study, 301 West Berry- 
Street, daily, except Mondays and Saturdays, from 12:00 
to 1:00. In addition to these appointed hours, he is 
always ready to go where he may be of any special ser- 
vice, when he is so requested or informed. 

3ppmB anb B'itttttga. 

Applications for pews or sittings may be made per- 
sonally or by letter to Mr. Joseph H. Orr, care First 
National Bank, or to Mr. Walter R. Seavey, at the close of 
the Sunday morning service, who will be glad to acquaint 
those desiring information, with the numbers and loca- 
tion of any vacant pews. 

El^t #?xt0n. 

WUvWAM F. Sprandel, 

221 West Wayne Street, 

The Sexton may be found at the Church every day 
in the week, from 9:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the 



Rkvkrknd Henry B. Master, 
301 West Berry Street. 

^aator lEmrntua, 

Reverend David W. Moffat, D. D., 
Madison, Indiana. 

3Fnretgn ilHiHatnnarg- 


Tabriz, Persia. 

(!Il|f §>tsBxtin, 

Meets for the reception of members at any service of 
the Church. 

Moderator, The Pastor 

Clerk, Chari^es H. Worden, 625 West Wayne Street 
Treasurer. E. H. McDonai^d, 1103 West Wayne Street 


Augustus a. Chapin. James M. McKay. 

Edward A. K. Hackett. Chari^es L. Oi.ds. 

Thomas M. IvI<oyd. Wii^ltam D. Page. 

George W. McCaskey. Chari^es H. Worden. 

Emmet H. McDonai^d. Edward F. Yarnei^le. 


Francis Burgess. Joseph H. Orr. 

Amewus J. Lang. Peter E. Pickard. 

Wii,i<iAM E. Griffths. Effingham T. Wii,i<iams. 
E. Rai^ph Yarnei^le. 

Chari,es D. Emmons. James M. Henry. 

George p. Evans. L. Oi^ds. 

Joseph H. Orr. 

QlnmmtttPPB at tlje BtBBxan, 

CHommtteP on ^tmvahmt, 

Edward A. K. Hackext. Chari^es H. Worden. 

Emmet H. McDonai^d. Edward F. Yarneh,E. 

(HammltUt on Music. 

Edward F. Yarnei<i<e. Chari^es L. Olds. H. Worden. 

(Enmmtttpp an OItjurrI| ^rruirr unh Pulpit S'upplg. 

Augustus a. Chapin. Emmet H. McDonald. 

George W. McCaskey. 

Qlnmmtttpp on ^unhag ^rl|00l- 

Edward F. Yarnelle. Charles H. Worden. 

James M. McKay. 

(Htxmmittst an Printing. 

William D. Page. Thomas M. Lloyd. 

Edward A. K. Hackett. 


®I|f ^unliag ^rI|ooL 

Superintendent, - - Mr. Arthur H. Perfect 

AssH Superintendent, - Mr. CharxES H. Worden 

Ass't Superintendent, - Mr. E. Ralph YarnellE 

Secretary, . . . mr. Bruce W. Elliott 

Treasurer, - - . Mk. William A. Nichols 

Chorider, - - - Mr. Edward F. Yarnelle 

Pianist, - - - - Mr. Hiram Moderwell 


Adult Bible Class, - - - 

Voun^ Men's Bible Class, Mr. Charles H. Worden 

ilntrrmrlJtat? (SraJip. 

Miss Katherine Hamilton. Miss Marjorie Olds. 
Mrs. Effingham T.Williams Miss Jessie L. Parker. 
Mrs. George W. McCaskey. Miss Margaret Tower 
Miss Margaret Macphail. 

Suntor (^rah?- 

Mrs. Joseph C. Straughn. Mrs. Frances E. Willey. 
Miss Elizabeth Evans. Miss Helen L. Jackson. 
Miss Ignota B. White. 

3Pnmarg (Brad?. 

Miss Cornelia a. Beach, - - Principal 


Miss Jessamine Sale. Miss Mary E. McDonald. 

Miss Julia N. Hanna. Miss Harriet E. Fowler. 

Mrs. Frederick C. Peters. 


(§fSitnB of tl|0 Horn? It's i^orieti^a. 

flBloman'a iitBBtnnarg ^nrtftg. 

President, - - - Mrs. L. Olds 

Vice-President, Home, - Mrs. ArTEmus W. Pickard 

Vice-President, Foreign, Mrs. Joseph C. Straughn 

Secretary, Home, - - Mrs. Rai,ph E. Pidgeon 

Secretary, Foreign, - Mrs. W11.1.1AM A. Nichols 

Secretary, Literature, - - Mrs. John W. Donivan 

Treasurer, Home, - Miss Mary E. McDonald 

Treasurer, Foreign, - Mrs. Arthur H. Perfect 

Moman'H B>nrtal ^orlftg. 

--President, - - - - Mrs. D. N. Foster 

Vice-President, . . - Mrs. John Jacobs 

Secretary, . . - - Mrs. John A. Thieme 

Treasurer, - . - Mrs. Alfred L. Johns 

iJltHBinnary SF^a. 

Director and Treasurer, - Mrs. Hugh M. Deihl 

finung SlaJJt^a* B'nmtg. 

President, - . . Mrs. Charles W. Lang 

Vice-President, - Miss Katherine B. Chapin 

Secretary. - - - Miss Helen L. Jackson 

Treasurer, . . . Mrs. Benjamin F. Heaton 

^tatprtjoniii of 4Harg anJi iMarttja, 

President, - - - Miss Carrie A. Snively 

Vice-President, - - Miss Esther M. Fleming 
Secretary and Treasurer, - Miss Dorothy Alden 


Mtn's AHBoriattntt- 

President, - . . 

Recordifig Secretary, 
Correspotiding Secretary, 
Treasurer . . . 

C. DeMoss Emmons 
Chari^es H. Worden 

- Robert Mii,i,ard 
Arthur H. Perfect 

- Charles W. Orr 
Creighton H. Williams 

William J. Probasco 

Qltjp Qlljotr. 

Mr. John B. Archer, Organist and Choir Master. 
Mrs. Hubert H. Rogers, Soprano. 
Mrs. Hugh G. Keegan, Contralto. 
Mr. Edward E. Yarnelle, Tenor. 
Mr. Charles H. Worden, Baritojie. 


Annual ^tatxBttral E^pnrt. 

Export nf (I^I|urrl| Ji^mb?rHl|t|j. 

For the Year Ending April 1st, 1907. 

Names on Church books, April 1st, 1906 596 

Dismissed by Letter 14 

Placed on Reserve Roll 47 


Miss Olive E. Fairfield, May 10, 1906. 
Mr. Reuben S. Patterson, October 6, 1906. 
Miss Belle R. Lloyd, October 7, 1906. 
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bell, December 30, 1906. 
Mr. Frederick J. Hayden, December 30, 1906. 
Mrs. Hannah A. Starkey, February 2, 1907. 
Mrs. Jane McLachlan, February 27, 1907. 

7 68 

Members received during 1906-7: 

On Confession 25 

By Letter 38 6S 

Present membership 591 


Witpatt of tl|f (Urrafiurrr of ti^t 'Banrh at 

I^or the Year Ending April 1st, 1907. 


Balance on April 1, 1606 $ 355 26 

Received from sale of Bonds and Notes 9,018 88 

Received from Pew Rentals 7 747 04 

Received from sale of old Lead 22 00 

Received from Motor Rent 17 15 

Received from Church Collections for Sunday 

School Expenses 40 28 

Received from State Y. M. C. A 46 30 

Received from Sundry items 20 75 

117,258 01 

Rev. H. B. Master, salary one year $3,000 00 

Rev. D. W. Moffat, salary for one year 600 00 

Choir 1,317 96 

Sexton 600 00 

Treasurer 100 00 

Organ Tuner 50 00 

Fuel and Light 350 48 

Street Improvement 134 13 

Printing and Stationery 341 49 

Sunday School Expenses 59 22 

Interest 241 88 

Sinking Fund 300 00 

Repairs and Betterments 9,309 38 

General Assembly Assessment 58 10 


Insurance 247 50 

Organization of Men's Club 108 93 

Express and Trucking charges 29 81 

Lithographing Bonds 22 00 

Church Enumeration 10 00 

State Y. M. C. A 19 41 

Wm. Buckles 30 00 

Pennsylvania Company 38 90 

Sundry- items 130 36 

Balance on hand 158 46 

$17,258 01 

Unpaid Note $ 550 00 

Unpaid Pew Rents 29150 

J. W. Orr, Treasurer. 
Examined and found correct. 


J. M. Hbnry. 


Export of % ©rpaaurpr of ti^t ^pHHiott. 

/'or the Year Etiditig April 1st, 1907 . 


From Weekly Pledges fl,864 88 

From Sunday Morning Cash Collections 646 08 

From Interest on Deposits 19 56 

Advanced by Treasurer 6 80 

From James M. McKay, Treasurer Sunday 

School 295 33 

12,832 65 

Bethany Church, Pastor's Salary % 100 00 

Women's Missionary Society, Miss Beaber's 

Salary 100 00 

Synodical Home Missions 78 35 

San Francisco Relief Fund 50 00 

Synodical Home Missions 104 30 

Board of Foreign Missions, Chieng Mai 600 00 

Board of Foreign Missions, Hunan, China 600 00 

Board of Home Missions 300 00 

Board of Ministerial Relief 600 00 

Board of Education 50 00 

Board of Sabbath School Work 75 00 

Board of Church Erection 50 00 

Board of Freedmen 75 00 

Board of Aid to Colleges 50 00 

12,832 65 
Emmet H. McDonai.d, Treasurer. 


jFor the Year Ending April 1st, 1907. 



From Members $279 51 

From Missionary Tea 114 10 

From Ladies' Society 64 43 

$458 04 

To Home GeneralFund $101 22 

To Salary, Miss Case 75 OO 

To Synodical objects 54 00 

To Scholarship, Anadarko, Okla 5 00 

To Scholarship, Alenstand, N. C 5 00 

To Freedmen's General Fund 92 72 

To Teacher's Salary, ^/^ ^llf^^^ } Seminary... 18 00 

To Synodical objects 45 00 

To Mary Holmes' Memorial 3 00 

To Missionary Tea Box, 50 00 

To Missionary Tea, Xmas Gift, Miss Case 9 10 

$458 04 


Balance in Treasury $ 6 56 

Received from Society 10 96 

$ 17 52- 


To Printing Programme $ 3 50 

To Presbyterial Contingent Fund 6 00 

To Dues Missionary Union 1 25 

To Map 1 50 

To Subscription Missionary Review 1 00 

To Balance in Treasury 4 27 

$ 17 52 
Mary E. McDonai^d, Treasurer. 


Witpott of ti|? Q^xmBuxn of ti}t WomntCs 

For the Year Ending March 15th, 1907. 



Members, (78 in number) $282 39 

Y. M. C. A. Supper 37 61 

Young Ladies' Society 50 00 

Treasurer of Session 100 00 

Missionary Tea 55 00 

1525 00 


June 23, 1906, Presbyterial Treasurer % 84 00 

June 30, 1906, Presbyterial Treasurer 100 00 

September 18, 1906, Presbyterial Treasurer 39 00 

December 17, 1906, Presbyterial Treasurer 134 00 

March 19, 1907, Presbyterial Treasurer 168 00 

$525 00 



Amount on hand % 6 91 

From Members 10 81 

$17 72 


Programmes $ 3 50 

Remittance to Presbyterial Treasurer 6 00 

Dues to Missionary Union 1 25 

To one-half Missionary Review, Public Library... 1 00 

Paid toward Map 1 50 

Balance on hand 4 47 

$17 72 
Fannie H. Wh,i,iams, Treasurer. 


i^or ihe Year Ending April 1st, 1907. 


Received from retiring Treasurer $ 29 86 

Cash from Last Year's Dinner 2 45 

AnnualDues collected 11 OC 

Cash from Sale and Supper 207 74 

Collections at Meetings 20 08 

Cash for Hope Hospital Fund 11 00 

1282 13 


To Miss Beaber's Salary $ 50 00 

To Visiting Nurse 50 00 

Christmas Gift to Mrs. Sprandel 5 00 

Expenses Sale and Supper 26 98 

Flowers 52 65 

Total Disbursements |184 63 

Balance on hand 97 50 

$282 13 
Mrs. a. W. Pickard, Treasurer. 


Upport of % iEunmtn of tt|p iCabt^a' 

^(9r M^ Vear Endmg April 1st, 1907 . 


Balance on hand |128 36 

Social at Mrs. Greenawalt's 3 40 

Interest on deposits 4 87 

Social at Mrs. D. N. Foster's 3 15 

Social at Mrs. J. B. Harper's 3 85 

Social at Mrs. E. H. McDonald's 5 30 

-Check 53 64 

Social at Mrs. P. D. Smyser's 2 55 

Social at Mrs. H. B. Master's 4 65 

Social at Mrs. W. D. Page's 3 60 

Social at Mrs. A. E. Bulson's 3 60 

Collection from Section 1 19 50 

Interest on deposits 2 04 

Total receipts $238 61 


To City Trucking Co. for moving Range % 2 00 

To Dipper for kitchen 50 

To Auger for Flowers for Church 2 24 

To White Fruit House for Plates, &c 4 30 

For kitchen supplies 75 

Christmas Gift to Mrs. Sprandel 20 00 

To Missionary Societies 53 64 

To Pickard Bros, for Stove, &c 46 99 


To H. J. Ash for Kettles, &c 8 38 

To Wayne Dry Goods Co. for Linens 29 79 

To Pickard Bros, for four Trays 1 00 

To Flowers for the sick 1 00 

For three dozen Communion Cups 1 65 

Express charges for same 30 

Balance on hand 66 06 

Total disbursements |238 61 

Mrs. a. L. Johns, Treasurer. 



^tpott of tl|? (Jlrmsnm of tf|p iHisBtnitarg 

/^5ir i/ie Year Ending April 1st, 1907 . 


Balance on hand April 6, 1906 % 1 98 

Subscription from Mrs. J. B. White 5 00 

Three "Missionary Tea" Dinners 140 62 

$147 60 


Wayne Dry Goods Co I 4.42 

Wayne Dry Goods Co 28 80 

Daily News for Advertising 30 

Freight and Cartage 2 50 

Treasurer Home Missionary Society 55 00 

Treasurer Foreign Missionary Society 55- 00 

Balance on hand 2 03 

^.147 60 
Mrs. Hugh M. Diehl, 

Treasurer and Director. 


U^pnrt 0f tijp fouttg Habt^a* Batiti^ 

For the Year Endhig April 1st, 1907. 

In the year 1895, Mrs. Minnie Hoffman At- 
terbury with the help of Miss Jessie Hamilton, 
organized the Young Ladies' Society of the First 
Presbyterian Church. Since that time the So- 
ciety has grown steadily in numbers until at the 
present the enrollment is almost one hun- 
dred. Every young woman in the congre- 
gation may become a member of the Society, 
and all of them are cordially invited to attend 
the meetings of the Society. A small fee of 
twenty-five (25) cents per year covers the cost 
of membership. The proceeds from the sale and 
supper given last December, enabled the Society 
to double its pledge toward Miss Beaber's sal- 
ary; to enlarge its gift to the Visiting Nurse 
League; and to adopt a new work, that of furn- 
ishing and maintaining a room in Hope Hospital. 
In March the Society had the pleasure of lis- 
tening to Miss Grace Glenn, who presented and 
explained the work of the Westminster Guild, 
to this Society. Miss Glenn awakened the in- 
terest of everyone who heard her and all our 
members are anxious to take up this new work 
during the coming year. 

MaryE. McDonald, 


Export of % Month of (IvnBtnB 

For the Year ending April 1st, 1907 . 

At the beginning of the past year, the Church 
property was in such condition that it required 
immediate attention for the preservation of the 
building ; and never since its erection has the 
building had a more thorough cleaning, and a 
more complete renovation than during the past 

The first intentions were to make necessary 
repairs only — those that the Church revenues 
would permit from year to year — but after giving 
the subject careful thought and thorough con- 
sideration, the Trustees and members of the Ses- 
sion decided that the building should be com- 
pletely renovated and repaired ; and to accom- 
plish this, it was necessary on the part of the 
Trustees, with the sanction of the Session, to is- 
sue bonds for the amount of $8,000, maturing in 
ten years, with a subsequent loan of $1,000, ma- 
turing in two years. 

After the expiration of two years, such num- 
ber of bonds may be redeemed on call as our 
finances will permit. And it is the intention of 


the Trustees that this entire indebtedness shall 
be cancelled, or paid out of revenue of the Church 
as now derived from pew rentals. The Trustees 
justly feel very elated and grateful for all that 
has been accomplished, and in presenting our 
annual report we do so knowing that although 
some of the items seem large, they all have had 
our best consideration and judgment. 

E. H. McDonald. 
J. M. Henry. 
J. H. Ore. 


Upljnrt of % Qll^rk of B^sBxon 

For Year Ending April 1st, 1907 . 

This year has been one of activity on the part 
of the Session. Sixteen meetings have been held 
in addition to a number of informal conferences. 

The Session Prayer Meeting lasting from three 
to five minutes just before the Sunday morning 
service, inaugurated soon after Mr. Master's 
coming among us, has been regularly observed 
and quite well attended. It would be highly 
gratifying if every member of the Session could 
find it convenient to attend these meetings reg- 
ularly and promptly, since they are helpful to 
both Pastor and Elders. 

The benevolences, as shown by the report of 
the Sessional Treasurer, are a barometer that 
shows an excellent spiritual condition. During 
the year the Session authorized the contribution 
of $600.00 from the Benevolence Fund, and also 
enough more, added to the contribution of the 
Sunday School, to make another $600.00 for the 
support of the Chieng Mai Mission in Siam, and 
the Hunan Mission in China. It is hoped that 
occasional reports from both of these Missions 
may be received during the coming year. 

To effectuate the above result, the Benevo- 
lence Committee of the Session recommended, 
and the recommendation was adopted by the 
Session, that all the contributions of the Sunday- 
School be appropriated to the support of one of 
the above Missions, the Session to make up any 
deficiency out of the Benevolence Fund. 

The Session, as shown by the above action, 
has continued to keep oversight of the Sunday 
School and recommended the Trustees of the 
Church to assume the payment of all the expen- 
ses of the School. These are not large and the 
Trustees acquiesced in the arrangement, which 
avoids the necessity of frequent appeals to the 
Congregation for contributions for this purpose. 

The Session would urge Church members to a 
more hearty cooperation with the Sunday School 
oflQcers. The unfortunate closing of the Church 
and Sunday School for repairs during last sum- 
mer, had a baneful influence on the attendance 
of the latter. It has been difficult to bring the 
attendance up to where it was before. The par- 
ents in the Church would confer a favor upon 
the Sunday School officers and teachers if they 
would frequently come and learn something more 
of that important branch of Church work. The 
installation of the Blakeslee System of lesson 
quarterlies has been very helpful, and we are 
quite confident that the diligent pursuit of the 

studies afforded by these will be helpful in an 
extraordinary way to everyone who uses them . 

During the year twenty-five persons have ap- 
peared before the Session and made confession 
of their faith and were received into Church 
membership. Also, thirty-eight were received 
on certificates from other churches. 

The Session has also, during the year, purged 
the roll of the Church. Eight were dropped 
from the roll. These were not chargeable with 
any immoral conduct, but they had renounced 
the communion of the Church by joining other 
denominations without a regular dismissal. For- 
ty-seven were placed on the suspended list. These 
were not chargeable with any immoral conduct, 
but had removed out of the bounds of the Church 
without asking for or receiving a letter of dis- 
missal and their present places of residence were 
unknown and the Session had no knowledge of 
them for three years. 

The repairs of the Church undertaken by the 
Trustees with the approval of the Session, 
have all been completed to the satisfaction of 
everyone and it is earnestly hoped that the cost 
may be paid out of the revenues of the Church 
without asking anyone for a subscription. 

Two things in Church life show more clearly 
than anything else the spiritual condition of the 
Church members — one the benevolence, aleady 

spoken of, and the other the Prayer Meeting. 
The attendance at the latter is not what it should 
be. It is of course easy to understand the 
temptation that confronts everyone to omit the 
Prayer Meeting, especially if the weather is 
slightly inclement or other engagements conflict. 
Members of the Church, however, should re- 
member their vows on entering the Church, one 
of which was to attend the regular services of 
the Church. The Session urges the members 
to a more faithful observance of these most im- 
portant meetings. 

Charleis H. Worden, 

Clerk of Session. 


For the Year Ending April 1st 1907. 

The Board of Deacons have this year confined 
themselves wholly to the relief of our Church 
poor and the funds received have been ample for 
all purposes. There were no special calls for 
large amounts and all beneficiaries were put on 
regular monthly allowances proportioned to their 
needs, so that the exact amount required was 
known at the first of the year and no difiiculty 
was experienced in collecting it. 

The Board received during the j^ear from col- 
lections, special donations and so forth $271.95. 
Of this amount the following was disbursed: 

For Room rent % 36 00 

For Groceries 5 05 

For Medical Service 5 00 

For Moving Fxpenes 9 00 

For Coal and Wood 7 25 

For Regular monthl}^ allowances paid in nlone^^. 185 50 
Balance on Hand % 24 15 

1271 95 

In addition to the above receipts and disburse- 
ments the Board received from I^adies' Commit- 
tee all of the coal and wood donated in the 
Christmas Manger. This fuel has been distrib- 
uted among those who needed it, and there are 
ten loads of stove wood left in its possession. 

The Board of Deacons desires to thank the 
members of this congregation for the response 
made to their appeal last year and earnestly 
hopes they may have a still larger fund to dis- 
tribute during the next twelve months. 

Edward R. Yarnki^le, 



The past year in our Sunday School has been 
productive of very little improvement, and al- 
though a great deal of effort has been spent we 
seem to have been lifting at dead weights and 
accomplishing very little. Too much credit can- 
not be given to Mrs. Willey, our School Mis- 
sionary, for her earnest and unselfish work in 
gathering the absent scholars and in adding a 
large number of new ones to our roll. Mrs. Wil- 
ley is admirably qualified for this work and we 
hope we may have the benefit of her services for 
the coming year. 

Our great weakness lies in the scarcity of 
teachers and for the relief of this we entreat the 
co-operation of every member of the First 
Church for we may well despair of having a suc- 
cessful school until our force is full to overflow- 
ing and our Church Members begin to take a 
lively interest in its welfare. 

During the last year we have divided the Sun- 
day School into four departments: The Prim- 


ary, the Junior, the Intermediate and the Pro- 
gressive. We have divided the scholars into 
seven grades according to ages and have adopted 
a regular system of promotion and graduation 
which seems to increase the interest in the les- 
sons and produces an amount of home study 
greatly in excess of our expectations. 

We have discarded the Westminster Quarter- 
lies and are commencing a study of the whole 
Bible, running through a term of seven years 
known as the Blakeslee System. After careful 
investigation this seems to be the most thorough 
of all the courses and as far as we have gone it 
is very satisfactory. 

The new Book of Songs with which we began 
our last year's work is all we hoped for and we 
have no reason to regret the change. 

In the Progressive Department Mr. Page has 
charge of the adult Bible class and our people 
should take advantage of this exceptional oppor- 
tunity to renew their acquaintance with Bible 
History under his able leadership. Mr. Worden 
has organized and maintained a splendid and 
growing class of young men in this department, 
and we must congratulate ourselves on having 
for this peculiarly difficult task a man of Mr. 
Worden 's ability and consecration. 

In the Intermediate Department Mrs. Williams 
has retained her class and is doing splendid work. 

Miss Olds has a large class of young ladies 
whose record of attendance and general interest 
in the school cannot be too highly commended. 
The teachers who will take the other classes in 
this department next year are Mrs. McCaskey, 
Miss Margaret Macphail, Miss Parker, Miss Kath- 
arine Hamilton, Miss Tower and Miss Ignota 
White, from whom we have reason to expect 
great things. 

The Junior Department is composed of classes 
taught by Mrs. Willey, Mrs. Straughn, Miss 
Helen Jackson and Miss Elizabeth Evans. In 
this department the classes are small and offer a 
fine field for those who would like to engage in 
Sunday School, work, as here are the foundations 
of the childs religious training, and lessons 
taught here with thoroughness are rarely effaced 
in after years. 

Our Primary Department during the absence 
of Miss Katherine Hoffman has been under the 
direction of Miss Mary E. McDonald. The new 
course of lessons includes a kindergarten method 
of teaching by coloring cards, reading and recit- 
ing the stories which please the children and im- 
press them with the facts to a marked degree. 
Miss McDonald has for her assistants Miss Har- 
riet Fowler, Mrs. Elizabeth Peters, Miss Jessa- 
mine Sale. 


During the year which has just closed we have 
a new method of conducting the review lessons 
which came at the end of each quarter. The 
room was darkened during the hour, fifty pic- 
tures illustrating the lessons of the quarter were 
thrown on a large screen by the stereoptican , ac- 
companied by readings from the Bible. This 
was a very pleasant and instructive way of 
bringing the chief points of the quarter's lessons 
to our mind. 

Our most beautiful service was that which we 
held in connection with the afternoon church 
service on the Sunday afternoon before Christ- 
mas, This consisted of a series of beautiful 
pictures by the great masters relating to the birth 
and childhood of Christ, accompanied by appro- 
priate readings from the New Testament by the 
Pastor and by the choir. A manger had been 
erected at the front of the church and the whole 
School marched by depositing gifts and singing- 

We have arranged that this service shall be 
repeated each year in the same manner. 

A Committee consisting of Mrs. McCaskey, 
Mrs. Willey, Mrs. George Evans and Mrs. S. M. 
Foster, distributed the gifts from this manger 
and it was found to contain four hundred and 
sixteen packages, besides orders for coal and 
wood, in abundance. These articles were given 

to our own poor children first and then to the 
Orphans' Homes Mission Houses, and Salvation 

For next year we have nothing but the highest 
hopes. Our School is well organized and we 
only need a Superintendent of ability and enthu- 
siasm to make it go. 

In Mr. A, H. Perfect, we have all that and 
more and with the aid of our other officers, Mr. 
Bruce Elliott, Mr. Nichols, etc., he will make 
the Sunday School of the First Church one that 
can take its place among the best in the land. 

E. Ralph Yarnelle, 

Retiring Superintendent. 


SJrpnrt of tlj? Moma«*B iltBjauittara 

For the Year Ending March 15th, 1907. 

The Woman's Missionary Society of the First 
Church is organized for both Home and Foreign 
Missionary work. 

Every woman who is a member of the Church 
is, by virtue of that fact, a member of this organ- 
ization and is so regarded by the Society, hence 
membership is not solicited. 

The regular meetings are held on the second 
Friday of each month at 3:00 P. M., in the Bible 
Class Room. All women who are members of 
the congregation are cordially invited to attend. 
At the close of the devotional exercises and after 
the necessary business has been transacted, one- 
half of the time is devoted to the study of the 
Foreign field and the remainder to the consider- 
ation of Home Missions. The topics for discus- 
sion and the name of the leader of each meeting 
may be found in the Society's year book. The 
meetings are both interesting and instructive. 

A Mission Study Class to which all women are 
welcome is held fortnightly at the home of its 


members. Africa has been the subject for study 
during the past j^ear and, with Miss Jessie Ham- 
ilton as leader, the meetings have been extremely 
interesting and helpful. The text book to be 
used next "year is " Christus Redemptor," — a 
study of the Islands of the Sea. 

We esteem it a privilege and an honor to have 
in the foreign field, a representative from our 
own Church and a special privilege and honor to 
be represented through one who, by nature, ex- 
perience and consecration is so eminently fitted 
for the work as our own Miss I^ily Beaber. In 
the summer of 1899 she was commissioned by 
our Board of Foreign Missions, to take charge of 
the Girl's School at Tabriz, Persia. She went 
to her foreign work an experienced school teach- 
er, experienced also in managing large affairs 
with small means and in attempting to lead 
young girls to Christ. She had served as Presi- 
dent of the Young Woman's Christian Associa- 
tion and for ten years had been a most success- 
ful teacher in our public schools, especially ex- 
celling as an instructor in the Kindergarten de- 
partment. Miss Beaber 's executive, linguistic 
and mechanical ability have all been consecrated 
to the Master's service in far-away Persia, as 
have her many accomplishments and her capacity 
to perform an unusual amount of labor. Her 
piano and guitar playing have inspired the small 

Kindergarten pupils to renewed effort when all 
else has failed. Her excellence as a needle- 
woman and her knowledge of painting brought 
to the sewing class (where the Bible is also 
taught) members of families that otherwise could 
not have been reached. She has wrought a no- 
ble work in arousing the Persian women from 
idleness — the bane of their lives ; and by inspir" 
ing them to cleanliness, and truthfulness. Some 
idea of the ignorance of the people may be 
gained from the fact that there is not a single 
newspaper or printing press in Tabriz, though it 
has a population of about two hundred thousand; 
is the north-western capital and the home of the 
Crown Prince. Miss Beaber is intimately asso- 
ciated in her work with Dr. Mary Bradford 
through whom she has access to the homes of 
the nobility. The school has been established 
some forty years ; has day boarding and kinder- 
garten departments. One hundred and sixty 
pupils are enrolled. 

In Sy nodical objects, i. e., objects supported 
by all the Societies of our Synod (Indiana) we 
come in close touch with the work in Korea, 
where Christianity is to-day making its most 
rapid advance. We pay the salary of Miss Snook, 
at Pyng Yang, whose work as a Bible woman and 
teacher is under the supervision of Rev. Samuel 
MoflEett, D. D., in whom we have a special inter- 

est because of his visits here ; because of the fact 
that he is a brother of the wife of our Pastor 
Emeritus; and the hero of the book "The Van- 

Another foreign Synodical object is the salary 
of Mrs. Hugh Taylor, of L,akawn, the capital of 
Dass — a country tributary to the Kingdom of 
Siam . We have a particular interest in this work 
as the Presbyterian Church is the only denom- 
ination which has established missions among 
the Siamese and the people of I^aos. Our work 
has found much favor in the eyes of the King 
and court and there is almost no limit to the op- 
portunities afforded our missionaries. Our med- 
ical work is successful and popular and the gov- 
ernment hospital is in charge of our missiona- 
ries. The Queen and many government officials 
have contributed to our work. 

The salary of Miss Duncan — an Indian girl — 
in the Girl's School at Ningpo, China, and trav- 
eling expenses and outfits of new missionaries 
are also Synodical objects. 

We contribute $75 to the salary of $250 paid 
by the Presbyterial Society to a Home Mission- 
ary teacher among the Mountaineers of the 
South — Miss Case, at Revere, N. C. We also 
sent a personal Christmas gift of $9.10 to Miss 
Case. She is assisted by the house mother, 
Miss Deane. Their home is a much needed ob- 

ject lesson to the people about them. The girls 
are taught housekeeping and sewing and the 
boys wood carving. Mothers classes are con- 
ducted; a Sabbath school and evangelistic ser- 
vices held; the sick are cared for and cheer and 
gladness carried to many poverty-stricken cabin 
homes on the mountain -sides. This Society con- 
tributed twelve aprons to the Christmas box 
given by all the societies of our Presbytery to 
this school. 

We also make a small contribution to the sal- 
aries of the teachers in the Mary Allen school 
for negro girls in Texas and the Mary Holmes 
Freedmen school in Mississippi. 

Our Synodical Home work consists in the sup- 
port of missionary teachers among the Mormons 
and caring for a teacher in the Training School 
at Tucson, Arizona, where Pima andPapago In- 
dian boys and girls are taught to tilt the soil and 
the ordinary vocations of life. The boys are 
much interested in the pumping plant which pro- 
vides irrigation for the farm. Pima Indians have 
been reduced to poverty — some of them starva- 
tion, because of the lack of water on their reser- 
vation . 

Among the Freedmen our work consists of con- 
tributions to the Repairs and Building fund ; to 
certain Scholarships and the Julia B. Kendall 

school at Rumter, S. C also the Haines Normal 
school at Augusta, Ga. These schools, like all 
other Presbyterian Freedmen schools, provide 
for the industrial training, so necessary for the 

We contribute also to the General Funds of 
our Home, Foreign and Freedmen 's Boards and 
help supply the table of Missionary I,iterature 
in the Public Library of our city. 

Excellent results of earnest work are indicated 
by the report of the Secretary of lyiterature. She 
has a list of subscriptions to periodicals as fol- 
lows : — Twenty copies of Wome?i's Work for 
Women, the organ of our Foreign Board ; eight- 
een copies of The Home Mission Monthly; twenty 
copies of The Assembly Herald. Five copies of 
The Missionary Review, Prayer Calendars and 
" Christies Liberator.'' 

At the recent meetings the workers have been 
much encouraged by the presence and aid of a 
number of the young ladies of the Church- 

The year has been marked only by quiet pros- 
ecution of regular work. With the exception of 
$110.00 turned over to the Missionary Tea fund, 
our cash contributions were entirely free-will 
offerings. A box valued at $50 was sent to a 
school in Grassy Cove, Tenn. All the materials 
were purchased new for the purpose. Our gifts 

aggregate $885.94. 


The labor and the results achieved by the 
women of the First Church during the past year 
are full of encouragement and inspiration for the 


^tpart of tij? iHtjajBtnnar^ (Em, 

For the Year Ending April 1st, 1907 . 

While the name of this branch of our women's 
work in the Church is diflBicult to handle in a re- 
port, it is so well understood by all our people 
that no change seems necessary or advisable- 
Years ago when this Society was first organized 
it was our custom to meet in the homes of the 
different members, taking our own lunch and 
spending practically the entire day. When the 
work increased and the Society grew in numbers 
the burden of entertaining so large a gathering 
forbade the meeting in private houses and the 
meetings were transferred to the parlors of the 
Church. The meetings have always been held 
on the first Friday of the month, commencing 
with September and closing with March or April, 
as the necessities of the work demanded. It is 
still our custom to bring our noon lunch and 
call the meetings Missionary Teas. 

During the past few years we have invited the 
men of the Church to take their noonday meal 
with us at the Church and a nominal charge has 
been made for this dinner. These meals are 


provided through subscriptions and contribu- 
tions by the various members of the Congrega- 
tion and the amount collected at each of them 
represents therefore practically clear gain. As 
the financial report shows, the money thus re- 
ceived is very largely given to the work of the 
Home and Foreign Missionary Societies. In 
addition to this during the past year we have 
sent Christmas gifts to the Miss Case School, at 
Revere, North Carolina, valued at $9.10, and a 
barrel of table linen and bedding valued at $50.00 
was also sent to Miss B. C. McGillivray, of the 
Grassy Cove Academy in Tennessee. Perhaps 
the greatest justification of the Missionary Tea 
Dinners is the evident feeling of friendship which 
results from this periodical gathering and asso- 
ciation of so many of our people. They furnish 
an unusually pleasant opportunity for the stran- 
gers who come amongst us to meet no small pro- 
portion of the balance of the Congregation. 

Mrs. Hugh M. Die;hi„ 

Treasurer and Director. 


l^tpaxt of t\}t ^nhxiB* i>ort?tg. 

J^or Year Ending April 1st, 1907. 

The Ivadies' Society of the First Presbyterian 
Church, organized for the purpose of promoting 
greater sociability among the women of the 
Church, has had an unusually successful year. 
Eight meetings have have been held in the va- 
rious homes of the members and two hundred 
and forty-three ladies attended. 

During the past year the chief task has been 
the refurnishing of the kitchen and the purchase 
and preparation of linen for the dining room. 
The Society has also contributed to the Mission- 
ary organizations of the women of the Church. 
The following ladies have entertained the Society 
during the past year. 

April 1906. Mrs. G. I.. Greenwalt. 

May 1906. Mrs. D. N. Foster. 

October 1906. Mrs. J. B. Harper, assisted by 
Mrs. W. Croxton, Mrs. Charles R. Lane, Mrs. 
George Ely and Mrs. A. ly. Mikesell. 

November 1906. Mrs. E. H. McDonald, as- 
sisted by Mrs. F. G. Gauntt, Mrs. A. J. Lang, 
Mrs. C. W. Lowe and Mrs. E. F. Yarnelle. 


December 1906. Mrs. P. D. Symser, assisted 
by Mrs. A. L,. Johns, Mrs. Josepii A. Rossell, 
Mrs. Martha Hanna, and Mrs. A. T. lyukens. 

January 1907. Mrs. Henry B. Master, as- 
sisted by Mrs. J. W. White, Mrs. Oliver Hanna, 
Mrs. S. M. Foster and Mrs. James Smith. 

February 1907. Mrs, W. D. Page, assisted 
by Mrs. C. D. Emmons, Mrs. S. S. King, Mrs. 
C. W. McKee, Mrs. K. C. Sedgwick and Mrs. 
A. Iv. Ziegler. 

March 1907. Mrs. A. E. Bulson, assisted by 
Mrs. A. D. Cressler, Mrs. W. H. Shambaugh, 
Mrs. G. p. Evans and Mrs. J. W. White. 

The work of the year has been done most 
faithfully and while we feel that that we have 
reason to congratulate ourselves upon what has 
been accomplished our hope for the future is a 
still larger attendance at the meetings and there- 
fore greater usefulness in the life of the Church. 

Mrs. John A. Thieme, 



l^tpatt of % il^tt'fi CEIub af tlje Jirat 

/^9r tAe Year Ettding April 1st 1907. 

The year just closing has been one of marked 
progress in the history of this organization. 
The great achievement has been a sensible in- 
crease in the feeling of solidarity and unity 
among the members of the Club. Splendid in- 
terest has been maintained in all the meetings as 
the report of the Secretary indicates. There has 
been a generous response to every call for personal 
service and the Club is to congratulated upon 
the larger part which so many of its members 
have taken in all that affects the work and useful- 
ness of the " Old First." 

In the earlier part of the year the Religious 
Work Committee through its Chairman appoint- 
ed four members of the Club to serve as ushers 
during each month. This plan worked splen- 
didly but it was felt that even greater helpful- 
ness could be attained if a larger number could 
be relied upon, and regularly, to attend to this 
duty. The outcome was a dinner at the home 


of Mr. Walter R. Seavey at which twelve men 
who had already acted as ushers were entertained 
and it was decided to petition the Club to amend 
its Constitution so as to provide for a new commit- 
tee, to be known as the Reception Committee, 
which should have entire charge of this work in 
the future. This amendment was adopted by 
the Club at it's April meeting, and the privilege 
of welcoming strangers, providing them with 
seats and Hymnals, and the doing of such other 
necessary work as suggested by the Chairman is 
most efficiently cared for. Another service which 
the Club has rendered the Church is in connec- 
tion with the Gymnasium. Certain scholars in 
the Sabbath School were invited to join a class 
and this class was directed in its work by Mr. 
Harry C. Oifut, to whom both Church and Club 
are greatly indebted. At the suggestion of one 
of its members the Club also voted to make the 
Church a present of twenty-five copies of the 
Hymnal used in the services, these to be reserved 
for the use of strangers, and this was done and 
the books marked with a word of welcome from 
the Men's Association. In addition to this, one 
hundred and fifty copies of each weekly Calen- 
dar have been sent to the various Hotels in the 
City every Saturday night with an invitation on 
behalf of the Men of the Church to attend the 
the services on the following Sabbath. While 

we have always had a goodly number of stran- 
gers within our Gates on Sunday it has been the 
feeling that these invitations have reached a 
great number of traveling men who would other- 
wise have gone uninvited. 

At the April meeting the recommendation of 
the Executive Committee that a delegate should 
be appointed to co-operate with the newly or- 
ganized Civic Righteousness lycague was accepted 
and a delegate appointed. It is a matter for 
congratulation that one of our own members has 
been chosen as President of this L,eague. 

In this day when everyone is so busy, the 
Club is profoundly grateful to those gentlemen 
who have come from near and far, and right 
often at a great personal inconvenience, to ad- 
dress our members. The best testimony to the 
character of the speakers provided by the Topic 
Committee is the very large attendance and the 
enthusiastic reception accorded those who have 
thus become the guests and benefactors of our 
Organization. Too much credit cannot be given 
likewise to the Social Committee, under the 
Chairmanship of Mr. Arthur H. Perfect, for the 
manner in which this branch of the Club's pro- 
gramme has been handled. The pleasant half 
hours at the close of each monthly lecture have 
been in no small measure due to the efl&cient 


manner in which a really diflScult task has been 

The Men's Club of the First Church has now 
passed what may be called the experimental 
stage. The work which it has already done jus- 
tifies its right to existence and a place among 
the activities of our Church. There is a fine op- 
portunity for development and further useful- 
ness before it. Both development and useful- 
ness are bound to follow if we keep steadfastly 
before us Section 2, of Article 1, of our Constitu- 
tion: " The object of this organization is to se- 
cure the associated services of the men of the 
First Presbyterian Church and Congregation in 
religious, philanthropic, and social work. ' ' The 
order of the last three adjectives expresses pre- 
cisely the importance of the different kinds of 

C. DkMoss Emmons, 



Export 0f % ^^rr^targ of tij? Mms OIlub 

Fot the Year Ending May 3rd, 1907 . 

The first year of the first Men's Club organ- 
ized in the Churches of Fort Wayne, the Men's 
Chib of the First Presbyterian Church, has de- 
monstrated not only the popularity but the great 
usefulness of the organization. 

The first meeting contemplating a formation 
was held in the parlors of the Church on April 
9th, 1906, at which time the large number of 
Church members present decided to organize. 

The work of the Club having been divided 
among sub-committees, the members of which 
have taken care of their respective departments, 
the general programme for meetings provided 
for an address by some person of authority upon 
the subject treated. There has been just varia- 
tion enough to hold a deep interest in each meet- 

At the first meeting a number of members 
responded to toasts. At succeeding meetings 
the Club was addressed by speakers upon dif- 
ferent subjects as follows: 


In May, Professor John M. Coulter, of Chicago) 
University, ' ' Plant Communities. ' ' 

June, Professor Roland D. Salisbury, of Chi- 
cago University, ' ' Volcanoes and Earthquakes. ' ' 

October, Professor Stanley Coulter, of Purdue, 
" The Reasons Why I am a Presbyterian." 

November, Mr. H. L. Webber, "A Trip 
Through Mexico." 

December, Mr. John Z. White, of Chicago, 
" Henry George and The Single Tax Theory." 

January, Professor C. P. Matthews, of Purdue 
University, ' ' French Canadian Life and Its 

February, an excellent musical programme. 

March, Mr. J. J. Wood, "Electricity and 
Magnetism as applied to Street Car Propulsion." 

April, Dr. John B. Watson, of Chicago, "An- 
imal Education." 

At the first meeting of the Club the ladies of 
the congregation furnished the refreshments and 
at each succeeding meeting a committee was pro- 
vided to receive the members and guests and to 
furnish and serve refreshments. 

The hosts for the 3'ear have been as follows : 


A. H. Perfect. 
Peter E. Pickard. 
D. H. Caldwell. 
Dr. J. H.Gilpin. 
Rev. H. B. Master. 

E. M. Williams. 
Alfred T. Lukins. 
John Thieme. 

C. H. Worden. 

F. Iv. Harris. 


F. J. Rahe. 
A. F. Dorsey. 
H. Breidenstein. 
H. C. Moderwell. 
R. Pidgeon. 
Charles H. Windt. 

George P. Evans. 
S. M. Foster. 
A. D. Cressler, 
P. J. H. Myers. 
W. H. Shambaugh. 
A. B. White. 


E. Ralph Yarnelle. 
Dr. A. F. Bulson, Jr. 
C. E. Crall. 
A, D. Cressler. 
C. A. Dunkelberg. 
Charles. W. Lang. 
Edvsdn H. Orr. 

James M, McKay. 
A. F. Dorsey. 
C. D. Emmons. 
R. W. Smith. 
Oliver E. Evans. 
Howard McClure. 
T. B. Wright. 


H. A. Perfect. 
Guy R. Bell. 
John P. Evans. 
Dr. S. H. Havice. 
Dr. Allan Hamilton. 
A. W. Pickard. 

V. W. Dawson. 
M. J. Blitz. 
W. D. Page. 
Francis H. Williams. 
Joe A. Rossell. 


Robert Millard. 
"Walter R. Seavey. 
Mark F. Shoemaker. 
F. H. Cutshall. 
M. W. Fay 

J. B. Harper. 
T. M. Lloyd. 
A. H. Perfect. 
Fred E. Hoffman. 
Fred E. Zollars. 

C. ly. Olds. 
J. B. Archer. 
H. J. Miller. 
T. J. Logan. 
S. M. Foster. 

W. A. Nichols. 
Herman Breidenstein 
A. H. Bittinger. 
H. M. Deihl. 
A. L. Schneider. 

John Dougal. 
H. C. Offut. 
J. Lyle Tucker. 
E. F. Dalman. 
J. H. Orr. 
J. W. Vesey. 
H. C. Moderwell. 


John T. Dougall. 
A. J. Lang. 
G. E. Potter. 
J. L. Gruber. 
J. M. Henry. 


Dr. G. M. Leslie. 
Ben. R. Bell. 
Morris Evans. 
W. F. Reitze. 
Fred L. Taft. 


J. W. Weishart. 
C. A. Borts. 
T. L. Staples. 
W. M. Leedy. 
W. E. Griffith. 


C. W. Orr. 
George P. Evans. 
Louis Auger. 
V. W. Dawson. 
E. F. Yarnelle. 


C. H. Meek. 

C. R. Lane. 

E. H. McDonald. 

Charles. A. Meigs. 

W. J. Probasco. 

Walter W. Griffith. 


The attendance at each meeting has been very- 
gratifying. The number attending being as 

follows : 

April, 1906 109 

May, 1906 79 

June, 1906 73 

October, 1906 75 

November, 1906 76 

December, 1906 75 

January, 1907 77 

February, 1907 59 

March, 1907 59 

April, 1907 104 

Total ■ 786 

Making an average of 78 

Our expenditure have been as follows : 

Expenses of six Lectures $ 73.00 

Twenty-five Hymnals, for Church 25.88 

Printing Constitution and By-Laws 1 3 . 50 

Circulars notices, postage, stationery and inci- 
dentals 31.19 

Total expenditure $143.57 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 

C. W. Orr, 
Recording Secretary. 


Members of the Congregation at Present in Attend- 
ance Upon the Services Together 
With Their Children. 

*Abel, Mary A., 236 W. Creighton Ave. 

Aber, A. J., 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

*Aber, Viola Greer, wife A. J., 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

Abercrombie, John H 122 Douglas Ave. 

*Abercrombie, Mary McC, wife J. H., 122 Douglas Ave. 

*Anderson, James Richey 2103 S. Calhoun St. 

*Anderson, Nancy E., wife J. R.. .2103 S. Calhoun St. 

*Armstrong, Daisy J., Hope Hospital. 

*Auger, Bon Silene Rose 114 E. Washington St. 

Ash, Henry John, 340 E. Main St. 

*Ash, Louella Fuller, 340 E. Main St. 

*Ash, Fred Henry, 340 E. Main St. 

Ash, Robert Fairfield, 340 E. Main St. 

*Austin, Julia Hoffer, 1219 Cass St. 

*Austrup, Helen M., 625 E. Wayne St. 

*Bair, Louis L., 1053 E. Madison St. 

*Bair, Elizabeth E., wife L. L.,. . .1053 E. Madison St. 

Bair, Helen, 1053 E. Madison St. 

*Barbour, Margaret, widow M. F., 822 E. Jefferson St. 
*Baker, Jessie A., 326 Madison St. 

Note— The list of members of the Church and Cougregation is 
not as complete as it ought to be, but it is as nearly correct as the 
information returned to the Committee will permit. 


*Barnett, Lettie A., wife W. W., 715 Broadway 

Barnett, Walter Charles, 715 Broadway 

Barnett, Otto Bell, 715 Broadway 

Barnett, VanAlstyne, 715 Broadway 

Barnett, Rachel Gayle, 715 Broadway 

Bass, John Henry Brookside 

*Bass, Laura Holton, wife John H., Brookside 

*Bassett, William O., 1123 Hayden St. 

♦Bassett, Mary I., wife W. O., 1123 Hayden St. 

*Beach, Cornelia A., 350 W. Berry St. 

*Beebe, Almena, 336 B. Berry St. 

*Beers, George Ward, 735 W. Berry St. 

*Beers, Catherine N., wife G. W., 735 W. Berry St. 

*Beers, Daniel Numbers, 735 W. Berry St. 

*Beers, Ruth Elizabeth, 735 W. Berry St. 

*Beers, Harry C, 2425 Fairfield Ave. 

*Bell, Joseph, 1123 W. Wayne St. 

*Bell, Guy 1123 W. Wayne St. 

*Bell, Benjamin, 1123 W. Wayne St. 

Bittinger, Adam A., 535 Archer Ave. 

Bittinger, Mary H., wife A. H., 535 Archer Ave. 

*Blair, Solon K., 820 W. Wayne St. 

*Blair, Dora F., wife S. K., 820 W. Wayne St. 

*Blair, Kent L 820 W. Wayne St. 

Blitz, Maximillian J., 521 W. Berry St. 

*Blitz, Edith B., wife M. J., 521 W. Berry St. 

Blitz, John Kinner, 521 W. Berry St. 

Blitz, Richard Thompson, 521 W. Berry St. 

*Boag, William C, 241 W. Lewis St. 

*Boag, Mary L., 241 W. Lewis St. 

*Boag, Calvin Douglas, 241 W. Lewis St. 

Bona, Albertina J., 334 E. Berry St. 

*Bourie, Clinton D., 115 E. Washington St. 

*Bourie, Celia M., wife C. D.,. .115 E. Washington St. 


Bourie, Helen, 115 E. Washington St. 

Bourie, Ruth, 115 E. Washington St. 

♦Bourie, Ophelia, 901 Edgewater Ave. 

*Bourie, George W., 901 Edgewater Ave. 

*Bowen, Dr. George W., 702 E. Washington 

*Bowen, Isabelle D., widow George R.,. . .912 Barr St. 
*Boyd, Cora Ash, widow S. D.,. ..615 Montgomery St. 

Boyd, John Ash, 615 Montgomery St. 

*Boyd, Sarah A., widow Ben'j. F.,. ..2415 Webster St. 
*Brandriff, Maria S., widow A. D 912 W. Berry St. 

Breidenstein, Margaret, 537 W. Jefferson St. 

*Breidenstein, Jerome Herman,.. 537 W. Jefferson St. 

*Breidenstein, Carl S., 537 W. Jefferson St. 

*Brown, Mary, 415 W. Berry St. 

*Brown, Thomas Ralph, 1018 E. Washington St. 

Bulson, Dr. Albert E., Jr 219 W. Wayne St. 

*Bulson, Eva M., wife A. E., Jr., 219 W. Wayne St. 

Bulson, Geraldine E., 219 W. Wayne St. 

Bulson, Eugene L., 219 W. Wayne St. 

*Burgess, Francis, 714 W. Jefferson St. 

*Burgess, Elizabeth T 714 W. Jefferson St. 

*Caldwell, David Hamilton 236 W. Creighton Ave. 

♦Caldwell, Jennie M., wife D. H. 236 W. Creighton Ave. 
*Caldwell, Ruth Agnes 236 W. Creighton Ave. 

Caldwell, Helen May, 236 W. Creighton Ave. 

Carlin, Jessie McLachlan, 815 Broadway 

Chambers, Jennie C, 2007 Calhoun St. 

*Chamberlain, James C, 221 Baker St. 

*Chamberlain, Vera E., 328 W. Berry St. 

*Chapin, Augustus A., 118 Douglas Ave. 

*Chapin, Almira E., wife A. A, 118 Douglas Ave. 

*Chapin, Angeline F., 118 Douglas Ave. 

*Chapin, Elizabeth E., 118 Douglas Ave. 

*Chapin, Katherine B., 118 Douglas Ave. 


*Chapman, H. Lavon, 335 W. Main St. 

Chapman, Alta D., 335 W. Main St. 

*Cherry, Sarah K., widow M. M., 523 E. Wayne St. 

*Clayton, Mabel Hill, widow F. H.,..27 Prospect Ave. 

Clayton, Willett Smith, 27 Prospect Ave. 

*Cochrane, Margaret S., 933 W. Main St. 

*Cochrane, Agnes J., 933 W. Main St. 

*Colmy, Christopher, 115 W. Suttenfield St. 

*Colmy, Lulu, wife C, 115 W. Suttenfield St. 

Colmy, Margaret V., 115 W. Suttenfield St. 

Colmy, Victor W., 115 W. Suttenfield St. 

Colmy, Howard L., 115 W. Suttenfield St. 

*Crall, Charles Edward, 509 W. Washington St. 

*Crall, Mary K., wife C. E., 509 W. Washington St. 

*Cressler, Alfred D., 501 W. Berry St. 

*Cressler, Eliza E., wife A. D 501 W. Berry St. 

Cressler, Alfred M., 501 W. Berry St. 

Cressler, George H 501 W. Berry St. 

Cressler, Kerr Murray, 501 W. Berry St. 

Cressler, Anna S., 308 E. Berry St. 

Culbertson, Frank V., 353 W. Woodland Ave. 

Culbertson, Alma L., wife F. V., 

353 W. Woodland Ave. 

*Culbertson, William T., 716 Cottage Ave. 

*Culbertson, Elizabeth, wife W. T.,. .716 Cottage Ave. 
*Cutshall, Elizabeth, widow J. H., 2425 Fairfield Ave. 

*Cutshall, Frank H., 1216 W. Wayne St. 

*Cutshall, Daisy D.,wife Frank H., 1216 W. Wayne St. 

*Dalman, Edwin F., 438 W. Creighton Ave. 

*Dalman, Alida S., wife E. F.,. .438 W. Creighton Ave. 

Davis, A. C, 421 E. Berry St. 

Davis, Wilbur E., 216 Douglas Ave. 

Davis, Ray Getty, wife W. E., 216 Douglas Ave. 

*Dawson, Amanda, widow John M.,..436 E. Berry St. 


*Dawson, Wallace Vincent 436 E. Berry St. 

*Deihl, Fred Gurnsey 901 E. Wayne St. 

*Deihl, Grace Mae, wife F. G 901 E. Wayne St. 

*Deilil, Hugh Martin 901 E. Wayne St. 

*Deihl, Ada S. R., wife H. M., 901 E. Wayne St. 

*Deihl, Alice May, 901 E. Wayne St. 

*Denny, Watts P., 2121 Broadway 

*Denny, Anna L., wife W. P 2121 Broadway 

*Detzer, Laura G., wife August 1319 Clinton St. 

Detzer, Karl W., 1319 Clinton St. 

Detzer, Donald M., 1319 Clinton St. 

Detzer, Dorothy, 1319 Clinton St. 

Detzer, August, Jr., 1319 Clinton St. 

D'Isay, Isaac, 1211 W. Jefferson St. 

D'Isay, Alida L., wife Isaac 1211 W. Jefferson St. 

*Donivan, John W 1221 Fairfield Ave. 

*Domvan, Mary E., wife J. W., 1221 Fairfield Ave. 

*Donivan, Frank T., 1221 Fairfield Ave. 

*Donivan, Harry T., 1221 Fairfield Ave. 

Dougall, John T., 716 Rockhill St. 

*Dougall, Madge Lathrop, wife J. T., 716 Rockhill St. 

Dougall, J. Lathrop, 716 Rockhill St. 

Dougall, Dorothy J. 716 Rockhill St. 

*Dreisbach, Clyde, ■. 120 Superior St. 

Dunkelberg, Charles A 2417 Harrison St. 

*Dunkelberg, Anna C, wife C. A.,. . .2417 Harrison St. 

Dunkelberg, Charles A., Jr 2417 Harrison St. 

Dunkelberg, Ralph C 2417 Harrison St. 

Dunkelberg, David C, 2417 Harrison St. 

*Dykes, Agnes, 510 E. DeWald St. 

*Elliott, Bruce W., 2206 S. Calhoun St. 

*Ely, Theresa A., widow Geo. W 334 E. Berry St. 

Ellison, Thomas E 601 W. Wayne St. 

Ellison, Hannah Hall, wife T. E.,. .601 W. Wayne St. 


*Ellison, Phoebe, 601 W. Wayne St. 

♦Emmons, C. DeMoss, 2440 Fairfield Ave. 

*Emmons, Bertha, wife C. D., 2440 Fairfield Ave. 

Emmons, Samuel Ewart, . ....... .2440 Fairfield Ave. 

Emmons, Martha Briney, 2440 Fairfield Ave. 

Emmons, Edith Bertha, 2440 Fairfield Ave. 

Emmons, Charles D., Jr., 2440 Fairfield Ave. 

Emmons, Cornelia Brackenridge, 2440 Fairfield Ave. 

Emmons, Charles Caldwell, III,.. 2440 Fairfield Ave. 

*Evans, George Pierce, 825 W. Berry St. 

*Evans, Isabel Dickey, wife Geo. P., 825 W. Berry St. 

Evans, Mary Coleman, 825 W. Berry St. 

Evans, George Montgomery, 825 W. Berry St. 

*Evans, John Poage 424 Old Fort Place 

*Evans, Fannie A., wife John P.,. . .424 Old Fort Place 

*Evans, R. Morris, 424 Old Fort Place 

*Evans, Elizabeth Morris, 424 Old Fort Place 

*Evans, George Austin, 424 Old Fort Place 

Evans, Ruth Margaret, 424 Old Fort Place 

Evans, Margaret Poage, 424 Old Fort Place 

*Evans, Oliver Fairfield 521 E. Berry St. 

*Evans, Dorothy, wife Oliver F., 521 E. Berry St. 

Evans, Italia, 521 E. Berry St. 

*Evans, William Anderson, 1142 Glasgow Ave. 

*Evans, Mildred McC, wife W. A.,. .1142 Glasgow Ave. 

Evans, William Wallace, 1142 Glasgow Ave. 

*Evans, Mary Theresa, 1142 Glasgow Ave. 

*Fairfield, Anna M., 350 W. Berry St. 

*Fauve, Mary Etta, wife Dr. A. E.,. ..343 W. Wayne St. 

*Fee, Mrs. Lancerette, 239 W. Lewis St. 

*Fee, Mrs. Nellie M., 2425 Fairfield Ave. 

*Fee, Georgia Lura, 2425 Fairfield Ave. 

*Fee, Herbert Wayne, 2425 Fairfield Ave. 

*Fee, Edna Marguerite, 2425 Fairfield Ave. 


♦Fleming, Emma Hoagland 350 W. Berry St. 

♦Fleming, Esther Merica 350 W. Berry St. 

Fleming, William H., Jr 350 W. Berry St. 

Fleming, Florence Elizabeth 350 W. Berry St. 

Foster, David N 2336 Fairfield Ave. 

♦Foster, Sarah Pyne, wife D. N.,. . .2336 Fairfield Ave. 
♦Foster, Florence May 2336 Fairfield Ave. 

Foster, Samuel Monell, 308 W. Wayne St. 

♦Foster, Margaret H., wife S. M.,. ...308 W. Wayne St. 
♦Foster, Alice Harrison, 308 W. Wayne St. 

Fowler, George S., 202 Douglas Ave. 

♦Fowler, Harriet W., 202 Douglas Ave. 

Freeman, Luthera M 634 W. Wayne St. 

Freese, William Albert, 1219 Cass St. 

♦Freese, Sophie Josephine, wife W. A., 1219 Cass St. 

♦Freese, Esther Helen, 1219 Cass St. 

♦French, Major Francis H., U. S. Army 

♦Frost, Minnie B 2320 S. Calhoun St. 

Gauntt, Forest G., 1209 W. Wayne St. 

♦Gauntt, Flora M., wife F. G., 1209 W. Wayne St. 

♦Gauntt, Olive, 1209 W. Wayne St. 

♦Gavin, Margaret 911 E. Wayne St. 

♦Gavin, Susan, 911 E. Wayne St. 

Gilpin, Dr. John H., 218 E. Washington St. 

♦Gilpin, Renie M., wife Dr. J. H., 218 E. Washington St. 

Gilpin, Harold L 218 E. Washington St. 

Gilpin, Cremorne L., 218 E. Washington St. 

♦Gould, Elizabeth, wife T. H., 340 W. DeWald St. 

♦Gould, James A., 340 W. DeWald St. 

Greene, J. D., 915 College St. 

Greenawalt, Dr. George Leiter,. . . .501 E. Wayne St. 

♦Greenawalt, Mary E., wife Dr. G. L., 

501 E. Wayne St. 

♦Griffiths, William Edwin, 1404 W. Washington St. 


*Griffiths, Adaline, wife W. E. 1404 W. Washington St. 

*Griffiths, Sarah Helen, 1404 W. Washington St. 

*Griffiths, Walter Wells, 1404 W. Washington St. 

*Gruber, Joseph L., .121 Brackenridge St. 

*Gruber, Emma J., wife J. L.,. . .121 Brackenridge St. 

Gruber, Bertha May, 121 Brackenridge St. 

*Gutermuth, Valentine, 1303 Maple Ave. 

Gutermuth, Ella A., wife V., 1303 Maple Ave. 

*Gutermuth, Gertrude Valetta, 1303 Maple Ave. 

Gutermuth, Margaret Helen, 1303 Maple Ave. 

Gutermuth, Evelyn Irene, 1303 Maple Ave. 

Gutermuth, Clarence Harmon, 1303 Maple Ave. 

*Guild, Clara Humphrey, wife C. G., 635 W. Berry St. 

Guild, Marion, 635 W. Berry St. 

*Habecker, Alice M., 206 Brackenridge St. 

*Hackett, Edward A. K., 801 W. Berry St. 

*Hackett, Susie Reid, wife E. A. K., 801 W. Berry St. 

*Hackett, Martha, 801 W. Berry St. 

*Hackett, Helen E., 801 W. Berry St. 

Hackett, Catharine R., 801 W. Berry St. 

Hackett, Edward A. K., Jr., 801 W. Berry St. 

*Hagan, William A., 1411 E. Lewis St. 

*Hagan, Lulu, wife W. A., 1411 E. Lewis St. 

*Hall, Anna, wife T. N., 502 E. Wayne St. 

*Hall, Ethelyn M., 502 E. Wayne St. 

Hall, George B., 304 W. Berry St. 

*Hall, Julia McCoy, wife G. B., 304 W. Berry St. 

Hall, Fielding B., 304 W. Berry St. 

*Hamilton, Montgomery, Clinton and Montgomery Sts. 

♦Hamilton, Gertrude, wife Montgomery, 

Clinton and Montgomery Sts. 

♦Hamilton, Alice, Clinton and Montgomery Sts. 

♦Hamilton, Margaret,. . .Clinton and Montgomery Sts. 
♦Hamilton, Norah, Clinton and Montgomery Sts. 


♦Hamilton, Phoebe A Clinton and Lewis Sts. 

♦Hamilton, Katherine Clinton and Lewis Sts. 

♦Hamilton, Jessie, Clinton and Lewis Sts. 

♦Hanks, Mary High St. 

♦Hanna, Elizabeth C, widow H. C 429 E. Berry St. 

Hanna, Robert B., 429 E. Berry St. 

Hanna, Henry Clay, 903 Lake Ave. 

Hanna, Sophia C, wife H. C, 903 Lake Ave. 

Hanna, Joseph Thomas, 517 E. Washington St. 

♦Hanna, Sue Vesta, wife J. T., 517 E. Washington St. 

♦Hanna, Martha E., widow S. T 1128 W. Berry St. 

♦Hanna, Mary, 1128 W. Berry St. 

Hanna, Oliver S., 434 W. Berry St. 

♦Hanna, M. Ella, wife O. S., 434 W. Berry St. 

♦Hanna, Julia N., 434 W. Berry St. 

Harper, James B 304 E. Washington St. 

♦Harper, Mary R., wife J. B., 304 E. Washington St. 

♦Harper, Helen R., 304 E. Washington St. 

♦Harper, Virginia R., 304 E. Washington St. 

♦Harper, Jane Anna, 440 E. Main St. 

♦Haskell, Sarah A., 724 Harrison St. 

♦Haskell, Gladys A., 724 Harrison St. 

♦Hassler, Bessie Hamilton, 339 W. Berry St. 

♦Hattersley, Emma, 615 W. Wayne St. 

Hattersley, Harry A., 2008 S. Harrison St. 

♦Hattersley, Mayme B. wife H. A., 2008 S. Harrison St. 

♦Havice, Dr. Samuel H., 328 W. Jefferson St. 

♦Havice, Harriet J., wife S. H.,. . .328 W. Jefferson St. 

Havice, Jay F., 328 W. Jefferson St. 

Havice, Frank C, 328 W. Jefferson St. 

♦Hayden, Eliza Hanna, widow Fred J.,. . .E. Lewis St. 

Heaton, Benjamin F., 854 W. DeWald St. 

♦Heaton, Helen Mae, wife B. F.,. . .854 W. DeWald St. 
♦Heckman, Jessie M., E. Lewis St. 


Hench, Judge S. M., 135 E. Main St. 

*Henderson, Annetta E., widow A. R.,. . .Hope Hospital 
♦Henderson, Mary M., wid. S. C, 323 E. Washington St. 

*Henry, James M -.529 W. Jefferson St. 

*Henry, Laura B., wife J. M., 529 W. Jefferson St. 

*Henry, Nellie E., 529 W. Jefferson St. 

*Higgins, Ella S., widow C. R 302 W. Berry St. 

*Hill, Cynthia A., wid. O. G., 1220 W. Washington St. 

Hoffman, Andrew Ely, 634 W. Wayne St. 

*Hoffman, Emma F., wife A. E., 634 W. Wayne St. 

Hoffman, Frederick Evans, 720 W. Berry St. 

♦Hoffman, Katherine, 720 W. Berry St. 

♦Hoffman, Emily R., 720 W. Berry St. 

♦Hoffman, Susan C, wid. Jacob F.,. .625 W. Wayne St. 

Hoover, Abraliam, Runyon Ave. 

♦Hoover, Maud Cass, wife Abraham,. . . .Runyon Ave. 

♦Howey, Alice Straughn, 321 E. Berry St. 

♦Humphrey, Jeanette, 621 W. Berry St. 

Himter, Lewis Cass, 1011 W. Wayne St. 

♦Hunter, Cora May, wife L. C, 1011 W. Wayne St. 

Hunter Stella Gibson, 1011 W. Wayne St. 

Hunter, Freeman Dexter, 1011 W. Wayne St. 

Jackson Anna, widow Thomas, 116 W. Suttenfield St. 

♦Jackson, Helen Louise, 116 W. Suttenfield St. 

♦Jacobs, John H Spy Run Ave. 

♦Jacobs, Sarah E., wife John H., Spy Run Ave. 

♦Jacobs, Mary Emma 336 E. Main St. 

♦Jenkins, Mary K., widow Barnett. . .415 E. Wayne St. 

♦Johns, Alfred L., 1115 W. Berry St. 

♦Johns, Kate O., wife Alfred L., 1115 W. Berry St. 

♦Johns, Alfred L., Jr 1115 W. Berry St. 

♦Johns, Gladys L 1115 W. Berry St. 

Johns, Earle W., 1115 W. Berry St. 

♦Johnson, Mary Elizabeth 1036 W. Washington St. 

* Johnston, Anna, 804 Barr St. 

♦Johnston, Douglas A 804 Barr St. 

♦Johnston, Edith J., 804 Barr St. 

♦Jordan, Mary J 335 W. Main St. 

Jordan, Jennie 335 W. Main St. 

♦Keegan, Edith Ann, wife H. G.,. . .1221 W. Wayne St. 

Keegan, Margaret Ann 1221 W. Wayne St. 

Keegan, Robert Yarnelle 1221 W. Wayne St. 

♦Kettler, Martha, 318 E. Wayne St. 

♦Kettler, Elsie, 318 E. Wayne St. 

♦Kimball, Catherine A., 716 Ewing St. 

King, Charles Sherman, 715 W. Berry St. 

♦King, Alma Z., wife C. S., 715 W. Berry St. 

King, Katherine, 715 W. Berry St. 

King, Josephine, 715 W. Berry St. 

Knight, Alice Cheney, 160 Spy Run Ave. 

♦Knight, Helen Cheney, 160 Spy Run Ave. 

♦Knight, Mary Louise 160 Spy Run Ave. 

♦Ladd, Caroline N., wife George T., 817 W. Berry St. 

Ladd, Tallman L., 817 W. Berry St. 

♦Lane, Charles Royal, 718 Lafayette St. 

♦Lane, Cora Mary, wife Charles R.,. .718 Lafayette St. 

♦Lane, Eben Elwood, 718 Lafayette St. 

♦Lane, Helen Anna, 718 Lafayette St. 

♦Lang, Aemelius J., 1210 W. Washington St. 

♦Lang, Ella J., wife A. J., 1210 W. Washington St. 

Lang, Florence Isabel, 1210 W. Washington St. 

♦Lang, Charles W., 2409 S. Harrison St. 

♦Lang, Bertha J., wife C. W., 2409 S. Harrison St. 

Lang, Robert Jackson, 2409 S. Harrison St. 

♦Lang, Herbert W., 3031 S. Wayne Ave. 

♦Lang, Daisy, wife Herbert W.,. . .3031 S. Wayne Ave. 

Leedy, William M., 1009 Edgewater Ave. 

Leedy, Delia S., wife W. M., 1009 Edgewater Ave. 


Leedy, Corinne, 1009 Edgewater Ave. 

Leedy, Georgia 1009 Edgewater Ave. 

Lehr, Mrs. Hannah, 311 Third St. 

*Lehr, Eliza Anna, ' 311 Third St. 

*Leslie, Dr. Gaylord M Brookside 

Leslie, Mary Laura, Brookside 

Leslie, Linda Adelaide, Brookside 

*Liebman, Caroline, 344 W. Wayne St. 

Liebman, Minnie F., 344 W. Wayne St. 

*Link, Stella L., widow Adam, 422 E. Berry St. 

*Link, Louis Heeley, 442 E. Berry St. 

Link, William Carlton, 422 E. Berry St. 

*Lipsett, William Edgar 2415 Webster St. 

*Lipsett, Georgiana B., wife W. E.,. . .2415 Webster St. 

Lipsett, Edgar Boyd, 2415 Webster St. 

*Lloyd, Thomas M., 411 E. Berry St. 

Lowe, George W., 1102 W. Washington St. 

*Lowe, Elnora, wife G. W.,. . .1102 W. Washington St. 
*Lowry, Charlotte A., widow Robert, 328 W. Berry St. 
*Lowry, Anna, 328 W. Berry St. 

Lukens, Alfred T., 910 W. Berry St. 

*Lukens, Mary M., wife Alfred T.,. . .910 W. Berry St. 

Lukens, Clara M., 910 W. Berry St. 

*Lukens, Grace E., 910 W. Berry St. 

*Lukens, Lydia M., 910 W. Berry St. 

*Lukens, Martha, 910 W. Berry St. 

*Lynch, Mrs. C. S., 815 Columbia Ave. 

*Lynch, Beatrice, 815 Columbia Ave. 

*MacLachlan, Nancy C, 1240 W. Washington St. 

*MacLachlan, William, 815 Broadway 

*MacLachlan, Camilla, wife William,. . .815 Broadway 

*Macphail, Janet A., widow Wm., 1302 Ewing St. 

*Macphail, Margaret Monroe 1302 Ewing St. 

*Macphail, Janet Ai'mstrong, 1302 Ewing St. 


*Macphail, Mary Ross, 1302 Ewing St. 

Macphail, Walter Seattle 1302 Ewing St. 

Macphail, Malcolm Monroe, 1302 Ewing St. 

Macphail, Anson Warburton, 1302 Ewing St. 

Macphail, Malcolm 1302 Ewing St. 

*McCaskey, Dr. George W., 407 W. Main St. 

*McCaskey, Louise S, wife Dr. G. W., 407 W. Main St. 

*McCaskey, George Edward, 407 W. Main St. 

*McClure, Eliza, widow Andrew,. . . .122 Douglas Ave. 

*McClure, J. Rosser 1318 W. Washington St. 

*McClure, Mary R., wife J. R., 1318 W. Washington St. 

*McClure, Isabelle, 1318 W. Washington St. 

*McClure, Howard, 1318 W. Washington St. 

*McCracken, J. K 328 W. Berry St. 

*McCracken, Bessie E., 328 W. Berry St. 

*McCrimmons, Mrs. A. G., 206 E. Jefferson St. 

*McCullough, Ella G., 206 Douglas Ave. 

*McDonald, Emmet H., 1104 W. Wayne St. 

*McDonald, Ella W., wife E. H.,... .1104 W. Wayne St. 

♦McDonald, Mary E., 1104 W. Wayne St. 

♦McDonald, Donald 1104 W. Wayne St. 

♦McDonald, George P 1104 W. Wayne St. 

♦McDonald, Mary E., 703 E. Washington St. 

♦McKay, David 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

♦McKay, Ellen, wife David, 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

♦McKay, David, Jr., 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

♦McKay, Agnes, 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

♦McKay, John 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

McKay, Donald, 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

♦McKay, Nellie, 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

McKay, Frank, 1134 E. Pontiac St. 

♦McKay, Etta C, 1218 W. Washington St. 

♦McKay, James Marshall, 1101 Lake Ave. 

♦McKay, Eliza J. McAfee, wife J. M 1101 Lake Ave. 


♦McKay, Neill Aldrich, 1101 Lake Ave. 

*McKay, William Thompson 1101 Lake Ave. 

♦McKay, James Marshall, Jr 1101 Lake Ave. 

McKay, Nellie M., 1101 Lake Ave. 

*McKean, Eliza W., widow W. T Spy Run Ave. 

*McKean, Sarah E., Spy Run Ave. 

♦McKean Anna M., Spy Run Ave. 

*McKee, George W 1449 E. Lewis St. 

*McKee, Hermina A., wife G. W 1449 E. Lewis St. 

McKee, Myrtle Wilhelmina, 1449 E. Lewis St. 

McKee, Robert Harold, 1449 E. Lewis St. 

McKee, Bertha Amelia, 1449 E. Lewis St. 

McKee, Geraldine, 1449 E. Lewis St. 

♦McLeod, Isabel, 1218 W. Washington St. 

♦McNaughton, Margery, 822 E. Jefferson St. 

♦Mayhew, Mary Eliza, wid. P. L., 1123 W. Jefferson St. 

*Mayhew, Gertrude Davis 1123 W. Jefferson St. 

♦Master, Lucy O., wife Rev. H. B.,. . .301 W. Berry St. 

Master, William Olmsted, 301 W. Berry St. 

Master, John Redman Coxe, 301 W. Berry St. 

♦Meek, Charles W 2426 Calhoun St. 

♦Meek, Nellie S., wife Charles W.,. . .2426 Calhoun St. 

♦Melsheimer, Shaphat D., 1023 E. Wayne St. 

♦Melsheimer, Blanche D., wife S.D., 1023 E. Wayne St. 

♦Melson, David O., 2122 Broadway 

♦Melson, Ida, wife David O., 2122 Broadway 

♦Mendenhall, Parla, 115 E. Washintgon St. 

Mikesell, Dr. Arthur L., 214 E. Washington St. 

♦Mikesell, Harriet I., wife Dr. A. L., 

214 E. Washington St. 

Mikesell, Helen, 214 E. Washington St. 

Millard, Robert, 1230 W. Washington St. 

Millard, Mary E., wife Robt, 1230 W. Washington St. 

♦Miller, Henry J 1020 W. Washington St. 


♦Miller, Minnie, wife H. J.,. . .1020 W. Washington St. 

*Miller, Selma E., 1020 W. Washington St. 

*Miller, Herbert R., 1020 W. Washington St. 

Miller, Edmund H 1020 W. Washington St. 

*Miller, Mary A., widow Daniel M.,. . .308 E. Berry St. 

Moellering, William L 328 E. Washington St. 

*Moellering, N. G., wife W. L., 328 E. Washington St. 

*Moellering, Harry, 328 E. Washington St. 

*Moderwell, Hiram C, 325 W. Wayne St. 

*Moderwell, Hiram Kelly, 325 W. Wayne St. 

*Moderwell, Jay M., 219 Superior St. 

Moderwell, Martha J., wife Jay M., 219 Superior St. 

*Moore, Dr. Ida C, 328 W. Berry St. 

♦Morgan, Susan F., widow O. P., 204 E. Washington St. 

Morgenthaler, Peter C, 815 Nelson St. 

♦Morgenthaler, Evelyn C, wife P. C 815 Nelson St. 

Morgenthaler, Joseph Cornell 815 Nelson St. 

♦Moritz, John M., 309 W. Berry St. 

♦Moses, Ralph, 319 W. Jefferson St. 

♦Munson, L. William, 304 W. Berry St. 

*Munson, Ada B., wife L. William,. . .304 W. Berry St. 

♦Munson, Archie H., 304 W. Berry St. 

♦Munson, Hazel, 304 W. Berry St. 

♦Myers, P. J. H 2413 S. Harrison St. 

♦Myers, Agnes M., wife P. J. H.,. . .2413 S. Harrison St. 

Myers, Florian S., 2413 S. Harrison St. 

♦Nichols, William A., 815 College St. 

♦Nichols, Edna E., wife William A.,. . .815 College St. 

Noble, William K., 420 W. Wayne St. 

♦Noble, Laura Law, wife W. K., 420 W. Wayne St. 

Noble, William Kenneth 420 W. Wayne St. 

♦Olds, Charles L 1240 W. Washington St. 

♦Olds, Eliza MacL., wife C. L., 1240 W. Washington St. 
♦Olds, Marjorie Noble, 1240 W. Washington St. 


*01ds, Alexander MacL., 1240 W. Washington St. 

*01ds, Edward Clarence 1240 W. Washington St. 

*01ds, Hugh B., 1002 Lake Ave. 

*01ds, Helen M., wife Hugh B., 1002 Lake Ave. 

*01ds, John D., 1009 Lake Ave. 

Olds, Noble G., 407 W. Berry St. 

*01ds, Susan M., wife Noble G., 407 W. Berry St. 

Olds, Maribel S., 407 W. Berry St. 

*01ds, Percy Granger, 920 W. Washington St. 

Olds, Walter, 1206 W. Berry St. 

*01ds, Marie J., wife Walter 1206 W. Berry St. 

Olds, William H., 225 W. Berry St. 

*01ds, Marguerite S., wife W. H., 225 W. Berry St. 

*01ds, Virginia, 225 W. Berry St. 

Olds, James, 225 W. Berry St. 

*Orff, Martha, widow Henry, 328 W. Creighton Ave. 

*Orff, Mary Ella, 328 W. Creighton Ave. 

*0'Rourke, Ada Louise, wife E., 420 E. Washington St. 

*0'Rourke, Helen, 420 E. Washington St. 

*Orr, Charles W 1222 W. Washington St. 

*Orr, Etta Hill, wife C. W., 1222 W. Washington St. 

*Orr, Jessie Hill, 1222 W. Washington St. 

*Orr, Onslow Hill, 1222 W. Washington St. 

*Orr, Edwin Henry, 2326 S. Calhoun St. 

*Orr, Pearle E., wife Edwin H., 2326 S. Calhoun St. 

Orr, Helen Beverly, 2326 S. Calhoun St. 

*Orr, John W., 1115 W. Berry St. 

*Orr, Joseph H., 125 W. Butler St. 

*Orr, Sarah S., wife Joseph H., 125 W. Butler St. 

*Orr, Arthur D., / 125 W. Butler St. 

*Osterman, Florence M 903 E. Washington St. 

*Osterman, Isabella A., 903 E. Washington St. 

*Overmeyer, Mrs. Ida C, County Orphans' Home 

*Page, William David, 910 E. Jefferson St. 


*Page, Chloe E., wife W. D., 910 E. Jefferson St. 

♦Parker, Mary L., widow James B.,. . .441 E. Berry St. 
*Parker, Jessie L., 441 E. Berry St. 

Patterson, Harriet T., widow R. S., 905 Columbia Ave. 

Patterson, Henry C 905 Columbia Ave. 

*Paulucci, Marion, 215 E. Lewis St. 

♦Peltier, Fanny J., wife James C 435 E. Berry St. 

♦Perfect, Arthur H., 1233 W. Wayne St. 

♦Perfect, Maud Eavey, wife A. H., 1233 W. Wayne St. 

Perfect, Henry Eavey, 1233 W. Wayne St. 

♦Perfect, Harry A 535 W. Berry St. 

♦Perfect, Bertha W., wife H. A., 535 W. Berry St. 

Perfect, Elizabeth, 535 W. Berry St. 

♦Peters, Elizabeth J., wife F. C, 704 Rockhill St 

Peters, Frederick C, Jr., 704 Rockhill St. 

Peters, John Stuart, 704 Rockhill St. 

Pickard, Artemas Wright 332 E. Washington St. 

♦Pickard, Ada Gray, wife A. W., 332 E. Washington St. 

Pickard, Artemas Gray, 332 E. Washington St. 

♦Pickard, Peter E., 1109 W. Wayne St. 

♦Pickard, Floy F., wife Peter E 1109 W. Wayne St. 

♦Pickard, Louise C 1109 W. Wayne St. 

♦Pickard, Margery E., 1109 W. Wayne St. 

Pickard, Florence F., 1109 W. Wayne St. 

♦Pickard, Thomas R., 334 E. Washington St. 

♦Pickard, Catherine A., wife T. R 

334 E. Washington St. 

♦Pidgeon, Charles H., 816 Jackson St. 

♦Pidgeon, Ralph E 816 Jackson St. 

♦Pidgeon, Nannie W., wife R. E., 816 Jackson St. 

♦Potter, George Ernest 815 W. Wayne St. 

♦Potter, Clara B., wife Geo. E., 815 W. Wayne St. 

♦Probasco, William J., 818 Lafayette St. 

♦Probasco, Minnie E., wife W. J., 818 Lafayette St. 


*Rabus, Louise, 522 W. Washington St. 

*Rahe, Frank John, 2318 Fairfield Ave. 

*Rahe, Pearl Foster, wife Frank J., 2318 Fairfield Ave. 

*Rau, Emma C, 318 E. Wayne St. 

*Read, Charles E., 1211 W. Wayne St. 

*Read, Fannie B., wife Charles E., 1211 W. Wayne St. 

*Reed, Edward H., 1523 Cass St. 

*Reed, Flora Belle, wife Edward H., 1523 Cass St. 

Reitze, William F., .1021 Lake Ave. 

*Reitze, May, wife W. F., 1021 Lake Ave. 

*Reitze, Edward T., 1021 Lake Ave. 

*Riddle, Thomas Patterson,. . : 707 W. Berry St. 

*Riddle, Ella Slack, wife T. P 707 W. Berry St. 

Riddle, Thomas P. Jr 707 W. Berry St. 

Riddle, Robert Watson, 707 W. Berry St. 

*Rieman, Calvin K 515 E. Berry St. 

*Robbins, Nellie H., widow D. B.,. . .615 W. Wayne St. 

*Robinson, Lily May D., wife J. M., 325 E. Main St. 

*Rockhill, Katherine B., wife W. W 712 Rockhill St. 

*Rossell, Joseph Amos, 917 W. Berry St. 

*Rossell, Lulu Delia, wife J. A., 917 W. Berry St. 

*Rossell, Emma Delia 917 W. Berry St. 

*Sale, Jessamine Jeanette, 733 W. Wayne St. 

*Saylor, Margaret, 440 E. Main St. 

*Saylor, Mildred, 440 E. Main St. 

*Schrader, W. Frank, 125 W. Wayne St. 

*Schrader, Elizabeth A., wife W. F., 125 W. Wayne St. 

*Schulz, Arthur P., 1421 Broadway 

* Scott, Elizabeth J., widow George,. .725 E. Lewis St. 

*Scott, George T., 725 E. Lewis St. 

*Scott, Jennie G., 725 E. Lewis St. 

*Scott, Mattie H 725 E. Lewis St. 

Scott, James, 725 E. Lewis St. 

*Seavey, Walter Randall, Spy Run Ave. 

*Seavey, Leila Emma, wife Walter R., Spy Run Ave. 

*Sechler, Milo H., 1710 S. Calhoun St. 

*Sechler, Abbie W., wife M. H 1710 S. Calhoun St. 

*Sechler, Nellie L., 1710 S. Calhoun St. 

Sedgwick, Charles E., 316 W. Suttenfield St. 

♦Sedgwick, Catalena C, wife C. E 

316 W. Suttenfield St. 

Sedgwick, Catherine F 316 W. Suttenfield St. 

Shambaugh, William H., 1209 W. Berry St. 

*Shambaugh, Louise R., wife W. S.,.. 1209 W. Berry St. 

Shambaugh, Willard, 1209 W. Berry St. 

Shambaugh, Howard 1209 W. Berry St. 

*Shoaff, Frederic B. Spy Run Ave. 

*Shoaff, Alice D., wife Frederic B., Spy Run Ave. 

Shoaff, Frederic B., Jr Spy Run Ave. 

Shoaff, John A., Spy Run Ave. 

*Shoaff, Susan R., wife J. A., Spy Run Ave. 

♦Shoemaker, Mark F 156 Spy Run Ave. 

*Sibray, Mary Elizabeth, 830 W. Wayne St. 

* Smith, Alice Shoaff, 313 E. Lewis St. 

*Smith, Emily Jane, widow W. B.,. . .435 W. Berry St. 

*Smith, Irene Beverly 435 W. Berry St. 

*Smith, Edward C, 706 E. Wayne St. 

♦Smith, Carrie E., wife Edward C.,. .706 E. Wayne St. 

♦Smith, Myra M 706 E. Wayne St. 

♦Smith, Arthur E., 706 E. Wayne St. 

Smith, Fred M., 216 W. Superior St. 

♦Smith, Emma Louise, wife F. M., 216 W. Superior St. 
♦Smith, Dr. Guy A., 437 Poplar St. 

Smith, James, 406 W. Berry St. 

♦Smith, Mary G., wife James, 406 W. Berry St. 

♦Smith, Esther Mary 406 W. Berry St. 

♦Smith, Martha Grace, 406 W. Berry St. 

♦Smith, James Ewing, 406 W. Berry St. 


Smith, Margaret J., 207 Douglas Ave. 

* Smith, Ralph W., 707 Bdgewater Ave. 

* Smith, Edith Marie, 707 Edgewater Ave. 

Smith, Robert Wihk, 707 Edgewater Ave. 

*Smitley, Frank W., 1004 High St. 

Smock, Frank L., 527 W. Berry St. 

*Smock, Laura L., wife Frank L., 527 W. Berry St. 

*Smyser, Peter D., 930 W. Berry St. 

*Smyser, Sarah E., wife Peter D., 930 W. Berry St. 

*Smyser, Nathan S., 930 W. Berry St. 

*Smyser, Benjamin Harrison, 930 W. Berry St. 

*Smyser, Julia Margaret, 930 W. Berry St. 

Snider, Elizabeth Andrew, 416 St. Martin St. 

*Sprandel, William F 221 E. Wayne St. 

*Sprandel, Margaret H., wife W. H., 221 E. Wayne St. 

*Sprandel, William F., Jr., 618 E. Jefferson St. 

*Sprandel, Teresa, wife W. F., 618 E. Jefferson St. 

* Staples, Thomas Leslie, 59 Spy Run Ave. 

♦Staples, Bertha Bell, wife T. L., 59 Spy Run Ave. 

Staples, Louise Dean, 59 Spy Run Ave. 

Staples, Florence Jean, 59 Spy Run Ave. 

*Stapleford, Henry Taylor, 724 W. Creighton Ave. 

*Stapleford, Augusta, wife H. T., 

724 W. Creighton Ave. 

*Stapleford, Charlotte Susan, ..724 W. Creighton Ave. 

Stapleford, Clement Rupert,.. 724 W. Creighton Ave. 

Stemen, Jeanette, 416 St. Martin St. 

Stouder, Frank Eugene, 515 W. Wayne St. 

*Stouder, Julia E., wife Frank E.,. .515 W. Wayne St. 
*Straughn, Caroline J., widow J. R.,. .321 E. Berry St. 

*Straughn, Jessie L.,. 321 E. Berry St. 

*Straughan Joseph C 415 W. Berry St. 

*Straughan, Alice R., wife J. C, 415 W. Berry St. 

*Sturgis, Sarah L., widow Dr. L. T 712 Ewing St. 



♦Sturgis, Sarah Louise, 712 Ewing St. 

*Swmney, Frances, West end Jefferson St. 

Taft, Frank L., 440 E. Main St. 

*Taft, Josephine Harrison, wife F. L., 440 E. Main St. 

Taft, Foster H., 440 E. Main St. 

*Teen, Kalil, 304 B. Columbia St. 

Teen, Malaki, wife K., 304 E. Columbia St. 

Teen, William, 304 E. Columbia St. 

Teen, Lulu, 304 E. Columbia St. 

Teen, Rose, 304 E. Columbia St. 

Teen, Gladys 304 E. Columbia St. 

Thieme, John A., 810 W. Berry St. 

*Thieme, Helen Jeanette, wife J. A., 810 W. Berry St. 
*Thieme, Clara Jeanette, 810 W. Berry St. 

Thieme, Ralph John, 810 W. Berry St. 

*Thornbury, Lois Ann, Dwenger Ave. 

*Tigar, William H., 1025 Crescent Ave. 

*Tigar, Gertrude M., wife W. H.,. .1025 Crescent Ave. 

Tlgar, Harry F., 1025 Crescent Ave. 

Tigar, Jay W., 1025 Crescent Ave. 

Tigar, Paul, 1025 Crescent Ave. 

Tigar, Donald, 1025 Crescent Ave. 

*Tolan, Frank C 131 Masterson Ave. 

*Tolan, Kate Ross, wife F. C.,. . . .131 Masterson Ave. 

*Tolan, Martha, 131 Masterson Ave. 

*Tower, Margaret A., 525 Madison St. 

*Van Winkle, Mrs. A. T., wid. I., 535 E. Washington St. 

*Van Winkle, Mary E., 535 E. Washington St. 

*Vogel, William C, 2121 Hoagland Ave. 

*Vogel, May Tolan, wife W. C 2121 Hoagland Ave. 

Walton, Clinton Howard 427 E. Wayne St. 

*Walton, Agnes D., wife Clinton H., 427 E. Wayne St. 

*Walton, Catherine, 427 E. Wayne St. 

♦Waters, Clara B., 716 Ewing St. 


*Waters, Florence Irene, 716 Bwing St. 

Watt, John, 525 E. Berry St. 

*Watt, Josephine Brown, wife John, 525 B. Berry St. 

Watt, Helen, , 525 E. Berry St. 

Watt, John, Jr., 525 E. Berry St. 

*Wefel, Emma E., ^ .123 E. Washington St. 

*Whery, Dr. Mary A., wife Wj|n. P., 404 E. Berry St. 

* White, Alexander Blair 302 W. Berry St. 

*White, Cecilia Higgins, wife A. B., 302 W. Berry St. 

White, James C, 302 W. Berry St. 

White, Edward H., 302 W. Berry St. 

*White, Maria, widow James B., 334 E. Berry St. 

White, John W., 351 W. Berry St. 

♦White, Minnie Hill, wife John W.,. .351 W. Berry St. 
*White, Virginia Hill, 351 W. Berry St. 

White, Dorothy, 351 W. Berry St. 

White, Dr. Robert P., 415 E. Washington St. 

*White, Josephine P., wife R. P., 415 E. Washington St. 
*White, Ignota B., 415 E. Washington St. 

* Whitehead, Arthur, 1710 S. Calhoun St. 

*Willey, Prances Elizabeth, 910 E. Jefferson St. 

*Willey, Frances Caroline 910 E. Jefferson St. 

*Willey, George Page, 910 E. Jefferson St. 

♦Williams, Effingham Townsend, 1313 Clinton St. 

♦Williams, Fannie Hoffman, wife E. T., 1313 Clinton St. 

♦Williams, Francis Hoffman, 1313 Clinton St. 

♦Williams, Henry M., 350 W. Berry St. 

Williams, Mary H., Barr and Montgomery Sts. 

Williams, Creighton H.,. ..Barr and Montgomery Sts. 

♦Wilson, Edward Markley, 1134 W. Berry St. 

♦Wilson, Mary McCrea, wife E. M., 1134 W. Berry St. 

Wilson, Tafford McCrea 1134 W. Berry St. 

Wilson, Mary Elinor, 1134 W. Berry St. 

♦Wilson, George Hartman, 821 W. Berry St. 


*Wilson, E. Amanda Allen, wife G. H., 821 W. Berry St. 

♦Wilson, Laura Alice 821 W. Berry St. 

*Wilson, Caroline Amanda, 821 W. Berry St. 

*Woodward, Jennie S., widow M. E.,. . .716 Jackson St. 

*Worden, Anna, widow J. L. 323 E. Washington St. 

*Worden, Charles Howard 625 W. Wayne St. 

*Worden, Elizabeth M., wife C. H.,. .625 W. Wayne St. 

*Worden, Alice 625 W. Wayne St. 

*Worden, Marshall Wines, 625 W. Wayne St. 

*Worden, Charles James, 625 W. Wayne St. 

♦Wright, Thomas Blackburn 906 E. Jefferson St. 

♦Wright, Josephine T., wife T. B., 906 E. Jefferson St. 

Wright, Josephine F., 906 E. Jefferson St. 

Wright, Thomas Page, 906 E. Jefferson St. 

♦Yarnelle, Edward F., 1110 W. Wayne St. 

♦Yarnelle, Alice C, wife E. F., 1110 W. Wayne St. 

♦Yarnelle, William Page 1110 W. Berry St. 

*Yarnelle, Edward Ralph, 1237 W. Wayne St. 

♦Yarnelle, Margaret C, wife E. R., 1237 W. Wayne St. 

*Young, Jesse H., 435 W. Berry St. 

♦Young, Laura Granville, wife J. H., 435 W. Berry St. 

♦Ziegler, Mrs. Annie H., 715 W. Berry St. 

♦Zollars, Minnie Ewing, wife Allan, 736 W. Berry St. 


Beaber, Lily Belle, Tabriz, Persia 

Brown, Jeanette Angola, Ind. 

Chapin, Ralph E., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Curtice, John P., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Curtice, Frances L., wife John F Indianapolis, Ind. 

Crowe, Mary E., widow Rev. J. B.,. . . .Hartford, S. D. 

Dart, Harry C, Pueblo, Col. 

Davis, Lieut. Frank E., Manila, P. I. 

Dougall, Allen H., Washington, D. C. 

Dougall, Josephine, wife A. H.,. . . .Washington, D. C. 

Dougall, Josephine Winifred, Washington, D. C. 

Ellison, Andrew Winslow S., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Evans, Franklin Pierce, Portland, Me. 

Evans, Lois Estelle, wife Franklin P.,. .Portland, Me. 

Gregg, Mrs. Anna E., Pasadena, Cal. 

Hamilton, Agnes, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hamilton, Taber Harrisburg, Pa. 

Hanna, John L., Germantown, Pa. 

Hawkins, Russel, New York 

Hawkins, Helen, wife Russel, New York 

Hoffer, Amelia, Lansing, Mich. 

Hough, Sarah E., Lancaster, Pa. 

Moffat, Susann M., wife Rev. D. W.,. . . .Madison, Ind. 

Moffat, Mary, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Moffat, William McKee, Madison, Ind. 

Nichols, Eva Louise Chicago, 111. 

Ninde, Helen Moffat, Chicago, 111. 


Orff, Robert E., Louisville, Ky. 

Orff, Elizabeth Cherry, wife R. E., Louisville, Ky. 

Orff, Elizabeth Cherry, Louisville, Ky. 

Olds, Norman Every, 

Read, Asabel Jay, Kansas City, Mo. 

Robinson, Lydia A., Adams, N. Y. 

Snively, Carrie Alice, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Walter, Harry H., Fort Smith, Ark. 

Walter, Ernestine, wife H. H., Fort Smith, Ark. 

Wilkinson, Mary Walton Niles^ Q.